National Register of Historic Places listings in Emmet County, Michigan

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Location of Emmet County in Michigan

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Emmet County, Michigan.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Emmet County, Michigan, United States. Latitude and longitude coordinates are provided for many National Register properties and districts; these locations may be seen together in a map.[1]

There are 52 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county, including 3 National Historic Landmarks.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted November 8, 2019.[2]
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Current listings[edit]

[3] Name on the Register[4] Image Date listed[5] Location City or town Description
1 J. B. Allen House
J. B. Allen House
September 10, 1986
822 Grove St.
45°22′14″N 84°56′51″W / 45.370629°N 84.947466°W / 45.370629; -84.947466 (J. B. Allen House)
2 Isaac Bartram House
Isaac Bartram House
September 10, 1986
508 Wachtel Ave.
45°22′23″N 84°57′46″W / 45.373056°N 84.962778°W / 45.373056; -84.962778 (Isaac Bartram House)
3 Bay View
Bay View
March 16, 1972
Northeast of Petoskey on US  31
45°22′57″N 84°55′56″W / 45.3825°N 84.932222°W / 45.3825; -84.932222 (Bay View)
Petoskey Established in 1876 as a Methodist camp meeting, this romantically-planned campground was converted to an independent chautauqua in 1885, a role it served until 1915. These two uniquely American community forms are exemplified in this extensive and well-preserved complex.
4 Chief Andrew J. Blackbird House
Chief Andrew J. Blackbird House
April 14, 1972
368 E. Main St.
45°25′49″N 84°59′05″W / 45.430278°N 84.984722°W / 45.430278; -84.984722 (Chief Andrew J. Blackbird House)
Harbor Springs The Chief Andrew J. Blackbird House, also known as the Andrew J. Blackbird Museum, was built as the home of Chief Andrew Blackbird, an Odawa (Ottawa) tribe leader, historian, and proponent of Indian civil rights. The house currently operates as a museum of American Indian artifacts.
5 W. S. Carmichael House
W. S. Carmichael House
September 10, 1986
301 Jackson St.
45°22′16″N 84°57′50″W / 45.371111°N 84.963889°W / 45.371111; -84.963889 (W. S. Carmichael House)
6 Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Station
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Station
October 15, 1970
Pioneer Park, W. Lake St.
45°22′31″N 84°57′33″W / 45.375278°N 84.959167°W / 45.375278; -84.959167 (Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Station)
Petoskey Also known as the Chicago & West Michigan Railway Station; now used as the Little Traverse History Museum
7 I. N. Debenham House
I. N. Debenham House
September 10, 1986
1101 Emmet St.
45°22′00″N 84°57′31″W / 45.366667°N 84.958611°W / 45.366667; -84.958611 (I. N. Debenham House)
8 James and Jean Douglas House May 3, 2016
3490 S. Lake Shore Dr.
45°30′04″N 85°05′51″W / 45.501127°N 85.097439°W / 45.501127; -85.097439 (James and Jean Douglas House)
Friendship Township Designed by renowned architect Richard Meier, this Modern house sits on a steep lot overlooking Lake Michigan.
9 East Mitchell Street Historic District November 12, 1986
Roughly bounded by Rose, Kalamazoo, State, Howard, Michigan, and Division
45°22′24″N 84°56′59″W / 45.373333°N 84.949722°W / 45.373333; -84.949722 (East Mitchell Street Historic District)
Petoskey The East Mitchell Street Historic District is a residential districts occupying 31 blocks. It contains 294 residential properties, predominantly frame structures, ​1 12 to ​2 12 stories high. Architectural styles include Victorian, Queen Anne, Shingle style, Colonial Revival, Radford-type, Bungalow, and other period designs, dating from the late 1800s through the 1930s.
10 Gerhard Fochtman House
Gerhard Fochtman House
September 10, 1986
1004 Waukazoo Ave.
45°22′07″N 84°57′12″W / 45.368611°N 84.953333°W / 45.368611; -84.953333 (Gerhard Fochtman House)
11 Fort Michilimackinac
Fort Michilimackinac
October 15, 1966
Near Mackinac Bridge at the southern end of the Mackinac Bridge
45°47′12″N 84°43′58″W / 45.786667°N 84.732778°W / 45.786667; -84.732778 (Fort Michilimackinac)
Mackinaw City Fort Michilimackinac was an 18th-century French, and later British, fort and trading post. Built around 1715, and abandoned in 1783, it is preserved as an open-air historical museum, with several reconstructed wooden buildings and palisade.
12 Fourth Ward Polling Place September 10, 1986
209 Washington St.
45°22′06″N 84°57′29″W / 45.368333°N 84.958056°W / 45.368333; -84.958056 (Fourth Ward Polling Place)
Petoskey Does not exist
13 Meyer Fryman House
Meyer Fryman House
September 10, 1986
211 Michigan St.
45°22′23″N 84°57′29″W / 45.373056°N 84.958056°W / 45.373056; -84.958056 (Meyer Fryman House)
14 Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church
September 10, 1986
625 Connable St.
45°22′15″N 84°58′08″W / 45.370833°N 84.968889°W / 45.370833; -84.968889 (Grace Methodist Episcopal Church)
Petoskey The Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, constructed between 1903 and 1908, is a single-story frame church building with a gabled roof.
15 Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Harbor Springs Depot
Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Harbor Springs Depot
December 7, 2000
111 W. Bay St.
45°25′43″N 84°59′22″W / 45.428611°N 84.989444°W / 45.428611; -84.989444 (Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Harbor Springs Depot)
Harbor Springs
16 Grays Reef Light Station
Grays Reef Light Station
November 9, 2005
In northeastern Lake Michigan, 3.8 mi (6.1 km) west of Waugashance Island
45°46′00″N 85°09′12″W / 45.766667°N 85.153333°W / 45.766667; -85.153333 (Grays Reef Light Station)
Bliss Township The Grays Reef Light was constructed in 1936 to warn shipping away from the shoals at Waugoshance Point.
17 Ernest Hemingway Cottage
Ernest Hemingway Cottage
November 24, 1968
6502 Lake Grove Rd.
45°16′50″N 85°00′04″W / 45.280614°N 85.001124°W / 45.280614; -85.001124 (Ernest Hemingway Cottage)
Petoskey Boyhood summer home of author Ernest Hemingway. His father built the house in 1900 when Hemingway was a year old and it was here the future writer learned to hunt and fish and appreciate the outdoor life he came to celebrate in his writings.
18 Bert and John Hobbins House
Bert and John Hobbins House
September 10, 1986
1024 Emmet St.
45°22′03″N 84°57′33″W / 45.367466°N 84.959061°W / 45.367466; -84.959061 (Bert and John Hobbins House)
19 Hosman and Wheeler Meat Market
Hosman and Wheeler Meat Market
September 10, 1986
621 Ingalls Ave.
45°22′14″N 84°57′56″W / 45.370556°N 84.965556°W / 45.370556; -84.965556 (Hosman and Wheeler Meat Market)
20 John Kabler House
John Kabler House
September 10, 1986
415 Jackson St.
45°22′17″N 84°58′01″W / 45.371389°N 84.966944°W / 45.371389; -84.966944 (John Kabler House)
21 Frank Lesher House
Frank Lesher House
September 10, 1986
122 Sheridan St.
45°21′54″N 84°57′36″W / 45.365°N 84.96°W / 45.365; -84.96 (Frank Lesher House)
22 A. Malin House
A. Malin House
September 10, 1986
54 Bridge St.
45°22′07″N 84°57′46″W / 45.368611°N 84.962778°W / 45.368611; -84.962778 (A. Malin House)
23 George and Eugene Markle House
George and Eugene Markle House
September 10, 1986
701 Kalamazoo St.
45°22′14″N 84°56′43″W / 45.370556°N 84.945278°W / 45.370556; -84.945278 (George and Eugene Markle House)
24 George McManus House
George McManus House
September 10, 1986
121 State St.
45°22′19″N 84°57′33″W / 45.371944°N 84.959167°W / 45.371944; -84.959167 (George McManus House)
25 Elias Meyers House
Elias Meyers House
September 10, 1986
912 Baxter St.
45°22′08″N 84°57′39″W / 45.368889°N 84.960833°W / 45.368889; -84.960833 (Elias Meyers House)
26 Jacob Miller House
Jacob Miller House
September 10, 1986
307 Jackson St.
45°22′16″N 84°57′51″W / 45.371111°N 84.964167°W / 45.371111; -84.964167 (Jacob Miller House)
27 Mineral Well Park
Mineral Well Park
March 25, 1987
W. Lake St.
45°22′31″N 84°57′37″W / 45.375278°N 84.960278°W / 45.375278; -84.960278 (Mineral Well Park)
28 John Nyman House
John Nyman House
September 10, 1986
915 Emmet St.
45°22′07″N 84°57′31″W / 45.368611°N 84.958611°W / 45.368611; -84.958611 (John Nyman House)
29 G. W. Olin House
G. W. Olin House
September 10, 1986
610 Kalamazoo St.
45°22′17″N 84°56′44″W / 45.371389°N 84.945556°W / 45.371389; -84.945556 (G. W. Olin House)
30 Sarah Pennington House
Sarah Pennington House
September 10, 1986
719 Maple St.
45°22′09″N 84°58′07″W / 45.369167°N 84.968611°W / 45.369167; -84.968611 (Sarah Pennington House)
31 Petoskey Downtown Historic District
Petoskey Downtown Historic District
November 12, 1986
Roughly bounded by Rose, Division, Michigan, and Petoskey
45°22′30″N 84°57′19″W / 45.375°N 84.955278°W / 45.375; -84.955278 (Petoskey Downtown Historic District)
Petoskey The Petoskey Downtown Historic District consists of 102 commercial properties and two institutional structures, located along 10 blocks in Petoskey's business district, primarily along East Mitchell and Howard streets. The contributing structures range in date from 1879 to the 1920s.
32 Petoskey Grocery Company Building
Petoskey Grocery Company Building
September 10, 1986
616 Petoskey St.
45°22′16″N 84°57′27″W / 45.371045°N 84.957470°W / 45.371045; -84.957470 (Petoskey Grocery Company Building)
Petoskey Also known as the George T. Zipp Lumber Company Building, this commercial building is a three-story brick Queen Anne commercial structure built on a trapezoidal plan. It is now the Emmet County Professional Office Building
33 Petoskey Public Works Utility Building
Petoskey Public Works Utility Building
September 13, 1986
106 W. Lake St.
45°22′31″N 84°57′39″W / 45.375266°N 84.960940°W / 45.375266; -84.960940 (Petoskey Public Works Utility Building)
Petoskey The Petoskey Public Works Utility Building is a two-story concrete Moderne structure. The exterior walls are grooved, referencing the fluting seen in classical piers.
34 Ponshewaing Point Site May 5, 1972
Ponshewaing Point[6]
45°25′00″N 84°48′00″W / 45.416667°N 84.8°W / 45.416667; -84.8 (Ponshewaing Point Site)
Ponshewaing The Ponshewaing Point Site (designated 20EM18) is an archaeological site located on Ponshewaing Point in Crooked Lake. The site was in use approximately AD 800 - 1500, covering several Middle and Late Woodland period occupations.
35 Phillip Rehkopf House
Phillip Rehkopf House
September 10, 1986
918 Howard St.
45°22′06″N 84°57′21″W / 45.368333°N 84.955833°W / 45.368333; -84.955833 (Phillip Rehkopf House)
36 Saint Ignatius Church and Cemetery
Saint Ignatius Church and Cemetery
January 31, 2007
101 N. Lamkin Rd.
45°33′06″N 85°06′56″W / 45.551667°N 85.115556°W / 45.551667; -85.115556 (Saint Ignatius Church and Cemetery)
Readmond Township The area around this church has been an Odawa village (formerly known as Wa-Ga-Nak-A-Sa or Middle Village) since at least the 1700s. In 1741, a Roman Catholic chapel was established at this location in a bark longhouse. The first structure was replaced by a more substantial version, dedicated by Father Frederic Baraga, in 1833. That church was destroyed by fire on Easter Sunday, April 21, 1889, and this church was constructed to replace it. Adjacent to the church is the Middle Village Cemetery, which contains rows of white crosses marking gravesites.
37 George Schantz House and Store
George Schantz House and Store
September 10, 1986
534 Wachtel Ave.
45°22′19″N 84°57′47″W / 45.371944°N 84.963056°W / 45.371944; -84.963056 (George Schantz House and Store)
38 Frank Schapler House
Frank Schapler House
September 10, 1986
106 E. Lake St.
45°22′30″N 84°57′39″W / 45.375°N 84.960833°W / 45.375; -84.960833 (Frank Schapler House)
39 Seventh Day Adventist Church
Seventh Day Adventist Church
September 10, 1986
224 Michigan St.
45°22′21″N 84°57′26″W / 45.3725°N 84.957222°W / 45.3725; -84.957222 (Seventh Day Adventist Church)
Petoskey The old Seventh Day Adventist Church is a two-story frame Queen Anne structure with a front-gable roof and an entrance tower at one end topped with an onion-like dome. It was originally built in 1891 as a Seventh-day Adventist church, and was later sold to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
40 Shafer's Grocery and Residence
Shafer's Grocery and Residence
September 10, 1986
1018 Emmet St.
45°22′04″N 84°57′33″W / 45.367778°N 84.959167°W / 45.367778; -84.959167 (Shafer's Grocery and Residence)
Petoskey Shafer's Grocery and Residence consists of two attached structures: a single-story frame commercial store, and an attached is a two-story gabled residence with a front porch running the full width of the house.
41 Shay Complex
Shay Complex
November 7, 1972
Main and Judd Sts.
45°25′49″N 84°59′02″W / 45.430278°N 84.983889°W / 45.430278; -84.983889 (Shay Complex)
Harbor Springs Originally a complex of three buildings constructed by Ephraim Shay, only on structure, the house, remains. The house is unique in its hexagon shape and all-metal construction.
42 Skillagalee Light Station
Skillagalee Light Station
July 19, 1984
Southwest of Waugoshance Island
45°40′35″N 85°10′18″W / 45.676389°N 85.171667°W / 45.676389; -85.171667 (Skillagalee Light Station)
Cross Village More commonly known as the Ile Aux Galets Light, the Skillagalee Light warns shipping away from the shoals at Waugoshance Point. A light was first constructed here in 1851; the current structure dates from 1888.
43 St. Francis Solanus Mission
St. Francis Solanus Mission
March 16, 1972
475 W. Lake St.
45°22′32″N 84°58′03″W / 45.375556°N 84.9675°W / 45.375556; -84.9675 (St. Francis Solanus Mission)
Petoskey St. Francis Solanus Mission is a historic mission on W. Lake Street in Petoskey, Michigan. It is the only existing building in the Arbre Croche district dating from the time of Bishop Frederic Baraga, and is the oldest building still standing in Petoskey, as well as one of the oldest in northern lower Michigan.
44 Stout House
Stout House
September 10, 1986
606 Grove St.
45°22′14″N 84°57′05″W / 45.370556°N 84.951389°W / 45.370556; -84.951389 (Stout House)
45 Trinity Evangelical Church
Trinity Evangelical Church
September 10, 1986
219 State St.
45°22′14″N 84°57′21″W / 45.370556°N 84.955833°W / 45.370556; -84.955833 (Trinity Evangelical Church)
Petoskey The Trinity Evangelical Church is a 2-1/2 story Classical Revival brick structure with a single story polygonal entrance and a gable roof. The Trinity Evangelical congregation constructed this church in 1929. As of 2017, the building houses the New Life Anglican Church.
46 Jacob VanZolenburg House
Jacob VanZolenburg House
September 10, 1986
203 State St.
45°22′20″N 84°57′32″W / 45.372222°N 84.958889°W / 45.372222; -84.958889 (Jacob VanZolenburg House)
47 Waugoshance Light Station
Waugoshance Light Station
August 4, 1983
Northwest of Waugoshance Island
45°46′30″N 85°05′19″W / 45.775°N 85.088611°W / 45.775; -85.088611 (Waugoshance Light Station)
Waugoshance Island The Waugoshance Light was constructed in 1851 to warn shipping away from the shoals at Waugoshance Point. The light was deactivated in 1912, and has bee abandoned since.
48 J. M. Wells House
J. M. Wells House
September 10, 1986
203 W. Lake St.
45°22′29″N 84°57′45″W / 45.374722°N 84.9625°W / 45.374722; -84.9625 (J. M. Wells House)
49 West Mitchell Street Bridge
West Mitchell Street Bridge
September 10, 1986
W. Mitchell St. at Bear River
45°22′26″N 84°57′39″W / 45.373889°N 84.960833°W / 45.373889; -84.960833 (West Mitchell Street Bridge)
Petoskey The West Mitchell Street Bridge is a seven-span Moderne highway bridge, constructed of reinforced concrete, with broad ogee arches supporting each span.
50 White Shoal Light Station
White Shoal Light Station
July 19, 1984
Northwest of Waugashance Island
45°50′32″N 85°08′07″W / 45.842222°N 85.135278°W / 45.842222; -85.135278 (White Shoal Light Station)
Mackinaw City The White Shoal Light was constructed in 1912 to warn shipping away from the shoals at Waugoshance Point.
51 Wycamp Creek Site March 11, 1971
Address Restricted
45°39′08″N 85°00′10″W / 45.652225°N 85.002861°W / 45.652225; -85.002861 (Wycamp Creek Site)
Levering The Wycamp Creek Site (designated 20EM4) is an archaeological site located in a small dune field near Lake Michigan, on a Nipissing terrace near Wycamp Creek. It is likely this site was occupied more or less continuously throughout the Late Middle and Late Woodland period.
52 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
September 10, 1986
812 Petoskey St.
45°22′11″N 84°57′27″W / 45.369722°N 84.9575°W / 45.369722; -84.9575 (Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Petoskey The Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is a one-story Late Victorian frame structure. It was erected 1892 for the Zion Evangelical Church congregation, who used the church until 1949. In 1951, the Petoskey Mennonite Church purchased the building; they used the building until 2015. As of 2017, the building is used by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Petoskey as their 'Chapel of Our Guardian Angels.

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