National Register of Historic Places listings in McIntosh County, Georgia

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This is a list of properties and districts in McIntosh County, Georgia that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

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This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted November 15, 2019.[1]

Current listings[edit]

[2] Name on the Register Image Date listed[3] Location City or town Description
1 Ashantilly
August 25, 2015
15591 GA 99 (actually on Bond Rd. between St. Andrews Cemetery Rd. and Ashantilly Rd.)
31°22′52″N 81°24′47″W / 31.381165°N 81.413051°W / 31.381165; -81.413051 (Ashantilly)
Darien Home of Thomas Spalding. It is also known as "Old Tabby". Original house built ca. 1820, burned in 1937 and rebuilt. Now houses the Ashantilly Center website announcement
2 Behavior Cemetery August 22, 1996
S end of Sapelo Island, 1.25 mi W of Hog Hammock
31°25′43″N 81°16′52″W / 31.428611°N 81.281111°W / 31.428611; -81.281111 (Behavior Cemetery)
Hog Hammock
3 D'Antignac House December 16, 1977
Address Restricted (was on Baisden's Bluff on the Crescent River)
Crescent Demolished in 2007[4]
4 First African Baptist Church at Raccoon Bluff September 6, 1996
E side of Sapelo Island, approximately 2 mi. N of Hog Hammock
31°28′02″N 81°13′56″W / 31.46710°N 81.23220°W / 31.46710; -81.23220 (First African Baptist Church at Raccoon Bluff)
Hog Hammock
5 Fort Barrington
Fort Barrington
September 27, 1972
NW of Cox
31°28′49″N 81°37′00″W / 31.480278°N 81.616667°W / 31.480278; -81.616667 (Fort Barrington)
Cox The site of Fort Barrington is on private property, no marker there. The marker is 10 miles away, on Georgia highway 57, at the border of McIntosh County and Long County.
6 Fort King George
Fort King George
December 9, 1971
E of U.S. 17 off Ft. King George Rd, at 302 McIntosh Rd. in Darien
31°21′55″N 81°24′54″W / 31.365384°N 81.41493°W / 31.365384; -81.41493 (Fort King George)
Darien Now a Georgia state historic site
7 Hog Hammock Historic District
Hog Hammock Historic District
September 6, 1996
E side of Sapelo Island
31°25′40″N 81°15′38″W / 31.427778°N 81.260556°W / 31.427778; -81.260556 (Hog Hammock Historic District)
Hog Hammock
8 The Ridge
The Ridge
April 18, 1985
Old Shell Rd. GA 99
31°24′12″N 81°24′13″W / 31.403333°N 81.403611°W / 31.403333; -81.403611 (The Ridge)
9 Sapelo Island Lighthouse
Sapelo Island Lighthouse
August 26, 1997
S end of Sapelo Island, S of University of Georgia Marine Institute
31°23′29″N 81°17′08″W / 31.39127°N 81.28568°W / 31.39127; -81.28568 (Sapelo Island Lighthouse)
Sapelo Island
10 Vernon Square-Columbus Square Historic District
Vernon Square-Columbus Square Historic District
March 14, 1985
Roughly bounded by Market, Trumbull, Rittenhouse and Ft. King George Dr.
31°22′10″N 81°25′55″W / 31.369444°N 81.431944°W / 31.369444; -81.431944 (Vernon Square-Columbus Square Historic District)
11 West Darien Historic District
West Darien Historic District
September 17, 2001
Bounded by 8th St., US 17, Darien River, and Cathead Creek
31°22′22″N 81°26′13″W / 31.372778°N 81.436944°W / 31.372778; -81.436944 (West Darien Historic District)


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