National Register of Historic Places listings in Whitfield County, Georgia

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This is a list of properties and districts in Whitfield County, Georgia, United States, that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).

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This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted November 15, 2019.[1]

Current listings[edit]

[2] Name on the Register Image Date listed[3] Location City or town Description
1 Thomas A. Berry House
Thomas A. Berry House
April 5, 1984
506 Hawthorne St.
34°46′33″N 84°57′47″W / 34.775833°N 84.963056°W / 34.775833; -84.963056 (Thomas A. Berry House)
2 Ainsworth E. Blunt House
Ainsworth E. Blunt House
July 9, 1980
506 S. Thornton Ave.
34°46′00″N 84°58′19″W / 34.766667°N 84.971944°W / 34.766667; -84.971944 (Ainsworth E. Blunt House)
3 Crown Mill Historic District
Crown Mill Historic District
May 30, 1979
U.S. 41
34°47′03″N 84°58′22″W / 34.784167°N 84.972778°W / 34.784167; -84.972778 (Crown Mill Historic District)
4 Dalton Commercial Historic District
Dalton Commercial Historic District
December 5, 1988
Roughly bounded by Hamilton, Pentz, Waugh and Morris Sts.; also roughly centered on Hamilton St., and bounded by S. Thornton Ave., Morris and Hawthorne Sts., and the railroad lines
34°46′16″N 84°58′05″W / 34.771111°N 84.968056°W / 34.771111; -84.968056 (Dalton Commercial Historic District)
Dalton Second set of boundaries represents a boundary increase of April 19, 2006
5 William C. Martin House
William C. Martin House
July 15, 1982
101 S. Selvidge St.
34°46′16″N 84°58′15″W / 34.771111°N 84.970833°W / 34.771111; -84.970833 (William C. Martin House)
6 Masonic Lodge No. 238
Masonic Lodge No. 238
February 22, 1996
600 S. Hamilton St.
34°45′57″N 84°58′05″W / 34.765833°N 84.968056°W / 34.765833; -84.968056 (Masonic Lodge No. 238)
7 McCarty Subdivision Historic District
McCarty Subdivision Historic District
July 5, 2002
Thornton Place, Willow Park Dr., Sunset Cirtcle, and Walnut Ave.
34°45′35″N 84°58′20″W / 34.759722°N 84.972222°W / 34.759722; -84.972222 (McCarty Subdivision Historic District)
8 Prater's Mill
Prater's Mill
April 25, 1978
N of Dalton on GA 2
34°53′45″N 84°55′20″W / 34.895833°N 84.922222°W / 34.895833; -84.922222 (Prater's Mill)
9 A. D. Strickland Store
A. D. Strickland Store
May 10, 2005
1385 Dawnville Rd.
34°49′17″N 84°52′45″W / 34.82151°N 84.87908°W / 34.82151; -84.87908 (A. D. Strickland Store)
10 Thornton Avenue-Murray Hill Historic District
Thornton Avenue-Murray Hill Historic District
June 4, 1992
Roughly bounded by Crawford St., Thornton Ave., W. Franklin St., Valley Dr., Emory St. and West Hill Cemetery
34°46′04″N 84°58′28″W / 34.767778°N 84.974444°W / 34.767778; -84.974444 (Thornton Avenue-Murray Hill Historic District)
11 Western and Atlantic Depot
Western and Atlantic Depot
April 6, 1978
Depot St., W end of King St.
34°46′20″N 84°58′02″W / 34.77236°N 84.96712°W / 34.77236; -84.96712 (Western and Atlantic Depot)
Dalton Built in 1914, renovated in 2009. Also a contributing property to the Dalton Commercial Historic District and is now a visitor's center.
12 Western and Atlantic Railroad Tunnel at Tunnel Hill
Western and Atlantic Railroad Tunnel at Tunnel Hill
January 11, 2002
Western and Atlantic Railroad
34°50′19″N 85°01′52″W / 34.838611°N 85.031111°W / 34.838611; -85.031111 (Western and Atlantic Railroad Tunnel at Tunnel Hill)
Tunnel Hill


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  2. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmarks and historic districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  3. ^ The eight-digit number below each date is the number assigned to each location in the National Register Information System database, which can be viewed by clicking the number.