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Nayband Wildlife Sanctuary, Naybandan Wildlife Refuge or Nayband National Park is a National Park in Iran. It is situated in South Khorasan Province at 180.0 km (111.8 mi) south of Tabas, near the provincial city of Birjand, and Neyshabur and Mashhad from the Razavi Khorasan Province. With a size of 1,500,000 hectares (15,000 km2), it is the largest reserve in Iran. It has recently been given legal protection, and was known to have held the highest population of Asiatic cheetahs. Since 2006, it was estimated that at least 15 cheetahs live there.[citation needed]


The sanctuary has various topographic areas like mountains, plains, sand plains, hilly desert plains, and water with different taste from the most salty water to the freshest water. The height of this refuge is varying from 680.0 to 3,009.0 m (2,231.0 to 9,872.0 ft) from sea level, the climate variety is from the hottest part in the southeastern point of Nayband Mountain (Dig-e-Rustam) the coldest part in northeastern part of Nayband Mountain (Aliabad).[citation needed]


Mammals like Asiatic cheetahs, Persian leopard, caracal, wild goat, jebeer gazelle, wild sheep, mouflon, ibex, Blanford's fox, Rüppell's fox, and exotic and valuable birds like bustard, cuckoo, Pleske's ground jay, and other birds such as partridge, crao, hoopoe, lark, horned lark, different types of owls, eagles, vultures. Reptilians include the Jafari snake, viper, camel snake, asp, horned asp, gecko and lizard. Rodents include rats and porcupines. Insect-eaters include the hedgehog and bat.[1][citation needed]

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