Netto (Les Mousquetaires)

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Netto (Les Mousquetaires)
ProductsHard Discount
WebsiteNetto website (French only)

Netto is a French chain of hard discount stores owned by the Les Mousquetaires group. Previously known as Comptoir des Marchands, the chain changed its name to Netto in 2001. As of 2005 there are over 360 Netto stores in France and Portugal.

This chain of stores is neither owned nor affiliated with the Netto owned by the Danish Dansk Supermarked Group or the Netto owned by the German Edeka Group.

Les Mousquetaires family[edit]

Netto is controlled by the Les Mousquetaires family, owners of the supermarket chain Intermarché. 'Les Mousquetaires' have created a number of companies:

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