Nevzine tatlısı

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Nevzine dessert
Place of originTurkey

Nevzine dessert (Turkish: "Nevzine tatlısı")[1] is a Turkish dessert made with tahini, pekmez and walnut. It is a regional specialty of Kayseri province.[2] It is usually served on Ramadan and on holidays.


Nevzine tatlısı is made with a leavened dough made of flour, egg, vegetable oil, tahini, milk and a little vinegar to activate the baking soda which acts as a leavening agent. After kneading the dough, crushed walnuts are incorporated before the dough is kneaded a second time. It is baked in the oven on an ungreased tray and optionally garnished with walnuts. To make the molasses syrup a grape molasses called pekmez is heated on the stove with sugar to make a syrup called şerbet. The warm şerbet is poured over the dessert while hot. It takes several hours for the dessert to cool before it is ready to serve.[2]

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