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New Zealand Liberal Party logo

The Liberal Party was a political party in New Zealand which promoted social liberalism. It was founded on 10 March 2008.[1]

The party was an attempt to revive the old New Zealand Liberal Party. It aimed to be a broad progressive party which appeals to middle New Zealand. Policies included a written constitution,[2] improved public healthcare, and universal pre-school education.[3]

The party was led by Jonathan Lee, a former public servant and policy advisor to Bill Birch.[4] It applied to register a party logo with the Electoral Commission on 13 March 2008.[5] This application was accepted on 2 April 2008[6] On 24 April 2008 the party applied for broadcasting funding;[7] according to their initial submission the party has incorporated and is seeking candidates and a patron to publicly endorse the party.[8]

The party was not registered for the 2008 General Election, and did not stand any candidates. As of May 2010, its website was defunct.


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