Ngoạn Mục Pass

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Ngoan Muc Pass

The Ngoạn Mục Pass, also called the Sông Pha pass, after Sông Pha at the foot of the pass, is a scenic mountain pass in Vietnam between Ninh Thuận province and the Lang Biang plateau. It was known to the French as Bellevue Pass.[1]


  1. ^ Vietnam – Page 319 Nick Ray, Peter Dragicevich, Regis St. Louis – 2007 "Water drawn from the lake gathers speed as it rushes almost a vertical kilometre down from Ngoan Muc Pass in two ... Known to the French as Bellevue Pass, Ngoan Muc Pass (altitude 980m) is 5km east of Dan Nhim Lake and 64km west of Phan Rang. On a clear day you can see the ocean, 55km away. As the highway winds down the mountain it passes ."

Coordinates: 11°50′02″N 108°38′42″E / 11.8340°N 108.6450°E / 11.8340; 108.6450