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Nissan IDx
Nissan IDx Freeflow front-left1 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.jpg
2013 Tokyo Motor Show
Also calledNissan IDx Freeflow
Production2013 (concept car)
DesignerDavid Beasley / Nissan Design Europe + Global Nissan Design Center [1]
Body and chassis
LayoutFront-engine RWD[2]
RelatedIDx NISMO
Engine1.2L I4
1.5L I4
1.6L I4 (NISMO)
1.8L I4[3][4]
Transmission6-speed manual
Length162.0 in (13.5 ft)[5]
Width67.2 in (5.6 ft)[5]
70.8 in (5.9 ft)(NISMO)
Height51.6 in (4.3 ft)[5]
Curb weight1,315 kg (2,900 lb)
PredecessorDatsun 510[4]

The Nissan IDx is a concept car introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show by Nissan.[6] It is supposedly inspired by the Datsun 510. The IDx is Nissan's answer to the "RWD tuner craze" that is ongoing and a direct competitor to the Hyundai Genesis coupe & Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ. The IDx is aimed at young buyers and racing gamers alike. A few quirks the car has that might not make production are the "side view mirrors" that are designed to be cameras rather than traditional mirrors as well as the side-exit exhaust.[7] There is a possibility that Nissan is building more IDx concepts because there is a number (003 and 004) instead of a 001 and 002 on each of the concepts. With Nissan's looming decision to discontinue several current models such as the Quest, Xterra, Cube and possibly the Juke there is expected room in Nissan's lineup for a new entry-level sports car.[7]


Nissan claims the red interior of the NISMO variant was supposed to look like it "came directly from a driving simulator", while the Freeflow variant is inspired by blue jeans[6]


Nissan claims the name IDx means: "ID is the acronym taken from ‘identification,’ relating to the things all individuals relate to on a personal level in a car. The ‘x’ is the variable, representing the new values and dreams born through communication.” The 'D' and 'X' are also synonymous with the Roman numerals D, meaning 500, and X, meaning 10, possibly a nod to the Datsun model 510.[7]

IDx NISMO[edit]

The NISMO version will probably produce 200-230 hp with its 1.6L I4 shared with the Juke NISMO.[8][9] This engine should be able to give the vehicle a top speed of 130 mph and a 0-60 time of 7 seconds.[9] It is inspired not only by driving simulators but also by racing.[7][10]

2013 Tokyo Motor Show


The car was well received by the general public at the few events it has been shown at. Jay Leno drove the Nissan IDx NISMO and urged Nissan to turn the IDx into a production car. He said Nissan has created something simple and easy to drive, like the "good old days". Motor Trend complimented the IDx for its compact size and also saying it defines what a sports car should be.[8] Road & Track liked the IDx because it is affordable, can seat a decent number of people and for the cameras in the "side view mirrors". Car and Driver also wants the car to be built adding they also think a sedan and wagon version will make the IDx perfect.

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