No. 1 Geisha

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No. 1 Geisha
No. 1 Geisha is located in Nevada
No. 1 Geisha
No. 1 Geisha
Location in Nevada
Former namesMona Lisa Ranch
CharDon's Club
AddressDouglas Street[1]
LocationElko, Nevada
Coordinates40°49′45″N 115°45′39″W / 40.82915°N 115.76088°W / 40.82915; -115.76088Coordinates: 40°49′45″N 115°45′39″W / 40.82915°N 115.76088°W / 40.82915; -115.76088

No. 1 Geisha was a legal brothel (ranch) and massage parlor in Elko, Nevada.[2][3] The women who worked there were of Asian heritage.[4] It was previously known as the Mona Lisa Ranch and CharDon's Club.[2][5][6]

In January 2011, a proprietor of the brothel was sentenced to prison time in a Federal court for operating an illegal massage parlor in Seattle in addition to the legal operation in Nevada. The sentencing memorandum stated that “While on pre-trial release, [the owner of No. 1 Geisha] attempted to recruit women to work at the legal brothel in Elko ... He claimed that he needed to travel to Nevada to do repair work on his home; yet he was reported by the Elko Police Department and a confidential source that he was in Elko to recruit a ‘lessee’ and additional employees for the legal brothel.”[7] The federal government seized close to $50,000 in assets from the legal brothel in Nevada in relation to the illegal operations in California and Washington.[8]

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