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No. 692 (Fellowship of the Bellows) Squadron RAF
Active1 January 1944 – 20 September 1945
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
BranchAir Force Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Air Force
RoleLight Bomber Squadron
Part ofNo. 8 Group RAF, Bomber Command
Nickname(s)Fellowship of the Bellows
Motto(s)Latin: Polus Dum Sidera Pascet
(Translation: "So long as the sky shall feed the stars")[1][2]
S/Ldr. (then) S.D. Watts, the first pilot to drop a 4,000 lbs "Cookie".[1]
Squadron Badge heraldryIn front of a pair of wings conjoined in base, a dagger, point downwards[1][2]
Squadron CodesP3 (Jan 1944 – Jun 1945)[3][4][5]
Aircraft flown
Bomberde Havilland Mosquito

No. 692 Squadron RAF was a light bomber squadron of the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.


Loading a 4,000-lb "Cookie" onto a Mosquito B Mk IV at RAF Graveley

The squadron was formed on 1 January 1944 at RAF Graveley, Huntingdonshire as a light bomber unit,[2] equipped with Mosquito Mk.IV bombers, as part of the Light Night Striking Force of No. 8 Group RAF in Bomber Command. It re-equipped with Mosquito Mk.XVI bombers from March 1944 and by June 1944 the squadron had completely switched over to the newer variant.[2][6] It was the first squadron to carry 4,000 lb bombs in Mosquitos,[1] used in an attack on Düsseldorf.[7] The squadron was also the first Mosquito unit to carry out minelaying operations.[7] Most operations were at low level, including one mission when the squadron dropped 4,000 lb bombs into the mouth of tunnels in the Ardennes.[1] At the end of the war the squadron was disbanded on 20 September 1945 at RAF Gransden Lodge, Cambridgeshire.[2][8] The squadron had carried out 3,237 operational sorties (though one source claims a far lower number of sorties, 1,457[9]) for the loss of 17 aircraft.[10]

Aircraft operated[edit]

Aircraft operated by no. 692 Squadron RAF, data from[2][6][8]
From To Aircraft Variant
January 1944 June 1944 de Havilland Mosquito Mk.IV
March 1944 September 1945 de Havilland Mosquito Mk.XVI

Commanding officers[edit]

Though bearing the squadron marlings of 571 Squadron here, this aircraft, Mosquito Mk.XVI ML963, was first issued to 109 Squadron on 9 March 1944, going on to 692 squadron on the 24th of the same month.
Officers commanding no. 692 Squadron RAF, data from[9]
From To Name
January 1944 March 1944 W/Cdr. W.G. Lockhart, DSO, DFC
March 1944 July 1944 W/Cdr. S.D. Watts, DFC (RNZAF)
July 1944 September 1945 W/Cdr. J. Northrop, DFC, AFC

Squadron Airfields[edit]

Stations and airfields used by No. 692 Squadron RAF, data from[2][6][8]
From To Name Remark
1 January 1944 4 June 1944 RAF Graveley, Huntingdonshire Formed here
4 June 1944 20 September 1945 RAF Gransden Lodge, Cambridgeshire Disbanded here

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