Noah's Brother

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Noah's Brother
AuthorDick King-Smith
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date

Noah's Brother is a children's novel by the British author Dick King-Smith, first published in 1985. It looks at Noah's previously unknown older brother, Yessah - nicknamed as such by his nephews after the response he gives to his brother's orders, his full name of Hazardikladoran being too much of a mouthful - and his role in the Ark's construction and journey, Yessah being essentially used as a servant by his family.

During the novel, Yessah befriends two white doves, 'Peace' and 'Goodwill', who become his friends during the Ark's voyage. He also saves the Ark from sinking at one point when the lower decks become too waterlogged, resulting in the portholes starting to sink under the water; by having the large animals plug the portholes with their bottoms, he is able to buy time to pump the water out. After Peace is sent away to find land, the Ark eventually stops, with the rest of the family leaving the Ark while Yessah is out searching the mountain of Ararat. Despite his solitude, Yessah concludes that he has a good life, living for the rest of his life with Peace and Goodwill.