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North West England
European Parliament constituency
Map of the European Parliament constituencies with North West England highlighted in red
Location among the current constituencies
North West England (European Parliament constituency).svg
Shown within the United Kingdom
Member stateUnited Kingdom
MEPs10 (1999–2004)
9 (2004–2009)
8 (2009–present)

North West England is a constituency of the European Parliament. From the 2009 elections it elects 8 MEPs using the D'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.


The constituency corresponds to the North West England region of the United Kingdom, comprising the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.


Following the passing of the European Parliamentary Elections Act 1999, the North West of England forms one constituency from which candidates are elected using the D'Hondt method. In the election preceding that Act, MEPs were elected by the first-past-the-post method in single-member constituencies. The current constituency corresponds to the following former constituencies: Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Wirral, Cumbria and Lancashire North, Greater Manchester Central, Greater Manchester East, Greater Manchester West, Lancashire Central, Lancashire South, Merseyside East and Wigan, Merseyside West, and parts of Staffordshire West and Congleton.

Returned members[edit]

MEPs for North West England, 1999 onwards
Election 1999 (5th parliament) 2004 (6th parliament) 2009 (7th parliament) 2014 (8th parliament) 2019 (9th parliament)
Lord Inglewood
John Whittaker
Paul Nuttall
UKIP (2009-2018)
Independent (2018-2019)
Brexit Party (2019)
Claire Fox
Brexit Party
Den Dover
Conservative (1999–2008)
Independent (2008–2009)
Nick Griffin
Louise Bours
UKIP (2014-2018)
Independent (2018-2019)
Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen
Brexit Party
Sir Robert Atkins
Steven Woolfe
UKIP (2014–2016)
Independent (2016-2019)
David Bull
Brexit Party
David Sumberg
Jacqueline Foster
Chris Davies
Liberal Democrat
Jacqueline Foster
Saj Karim
Liberal Democrat (2004–2007)
Conservative (2007–2019)
Jane Brophy
Liberal Democrat
Chris Davies
Liberal Democrat
M. Afzal Khan
Labour (2014-2017)
Wajid Khan
Labour (2017-2019)
Gina Dowding
Terry Wynn[4]
Brian Simpson[5]
Labour (2006–2014)
Julie Ward
Arlene McCarthy
Theresa Griffin
Gary Titley
Seat abolished
Brian Simpson[5]
Seat abolished
Party Faction in European Parliament
Brexit Party 29 Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy 54
Liberal Democrat 16 17   Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 107
Alliance 1
Green 7 11 Greens–European Free Alliance 69
Plaid Cymru 1
Labour 10   Socialists and Democrats 150
Conservative 4 European Conservatives and Reformists 63
Sinn Féin 1   European United Left–Nordic Green Left 39
DUP 1 Non-Inscrits 8
Total 73 Total 750

Election results[edit]

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2019 results
2014 results

Elected candidates are listed in bold. Brackets indicate the order candidates were elected and the number of votes per seat won in their respective columns.

European Election 2019: North West England[7]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Brexit Party Claire Fox (1)
Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen (4)
David Bull (7)
Gary Harvey, Ajay Jagota, Elizabeth Babade, Sally Bate, John Banks
31.23% N/A
Labour Theresa Griffin (2)
Julie Ward (6)
Wajid Khan, Erica Lewis, David Brennan, Claire Cozler, Saf Ismail, Yvonne Tennant
21.91% -11.94
Liberal Democrat Chris Davies (3)
Jane Brophy (8)
Helen Foster-Grime, Anna Fryer, Sam Al-Hamdani, Rebecca Forrest, John Studholme, Frederick Van Mierlo
17.15% +11.14
Green Gina Dowding (5)
Wendy Kay Olsen, Jessica Northey, Geraldine Coggins, Rosie Mills, Astrid Johnson, Daniel Jerrome, James Booth
216,581 12.48% +5.47
Conservative Sajjad Karim, Kevin Beaty, Jane Howard, Arnold Saunders, Wendy Maisey, Thomas Lord, Anthony Pickles, Attika Choudhary 131,002 7.55% -12.51
UKIP Adam Richardson, Jeff Armstrong, Fiona Mills, Nathan Ryding, Michael Felse, Ben Fryer, John Booker, Alexander Craig 62,464 3.60% -23.86
Change UK Andrea Cooper, Dan Price, Arun Banerji, Michael Taylor, Philippa Olive, Victoria Desmond, Andrew Graystone, Elisabeth Knight 47,237 2.72% N/A
Independent Tommy Robinson 38,908 2.24% N/A
English Democrat Stephen Morris, Valerie Morris 10 045 0.58% -0.53
UK EU Sophie Larroque 7,125 0.41% N/A
Independent Mohammad Aslam 2,002 0.12% N/A
European Election 2014: North West England (results)[8]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Labour Theresa Griffin, Afzal Khan, Julie Ward,
Wajid Khan, Angeliki Stogia, Steve Carter, Pascale Lamb, Nick Parnell [9]
33.9 +13.5
UKIP Paul Nuttall, Louise Bours, Steven Woolfe,
Shneur Odze, Lee Slaughter, Simon Noble, Peter Harper, John Brian Stanyer
27.5 +11.7
Conservative Jacqueline Foster, Sajjad Karim,
Kevin Beaty, Deborah Dunleavy, Joe Barker, Daniel Hamilton, Chris Whiteside, James Walsh
20.1 −5.5
Green Peter Cranie, Gina Dowding, Laura Bannister, Jill Perry, John Knight, Ulrike Zeshan, Lewis Coyne, Jake Welsh 123,075 7.0 −0.7
Liberal Democrat Chris Davies, Helen Foster-Grime, Jo Crotty, Qassim Afzal, Jane Brophy, Sue McGuire, Gordon Lishman, Neil Christian 105,487 6.0 −8.3
BNP Nick Griffin, Dawn Charlton, Clive Jefferson, Eddy O'Sullivan, Simon Darby, Kay Pollitt, Derek Adams, David O'Loughlin 32,826 1.9 −6.1
An Independence from Europe Helen Bashford, Gill Kearney, Pauline Penny, Kay Bashford, Faye Raw, Lorna Markovitch, Jennie Ransome, Jill Stockdale 26,731 1.5 N/A
English Democrat Stephen Morris, Paul Rimmer, Derek Bullock, Paul Whitelegg, Steve McEllenborough, Laurence Depares, Valarie Morris, Anthony Backhouse 19,522 1.1 −1.3
Pirate Maria Aretoulaki, George Walkden, Jack Allnutt 8,597 0.5 N/A
NO2EU Roger Bannister, George Waterhouse, Jacqueline Grunsell, John Metcalfe, George Tapp, Mark Rowe, James Healy, Kevin Morrison 5,402 0.3 −1.1
Socialist Equality Chris Marsden, Julie Hyland, Robert Skelton, Lucy Warren, Mark Dowson, Ajitha Gunaratne, Danny Dickinson, Joe Heffer 5,067 0.3 N/A
Turnout 1,754,687 33.5% +1.8%
European Election 2009: North West England[10][11]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative Sir Robert Atkins, Saj Karim, Jacqueline Foster
Alex Williams, Greg Morgan, Tony Samuels, Peter Wilding, Andrew Large[12]
25.6 +1.5
Labour Arlene McCarthy, Brian Simpson
Theresa Griffin, Stephen Carter, Jane Clarke, Riaz Ahmed, Claire Reynolds, Brian Boag
20.4 −6.9
UKIP Paul Nuttall
Michael McManus, Graham Cannon, Nigel Brown, Hilary Jones, Philip Griffiths, Fred McGlade, Terry Durrance
261,740 15.8 +3.7
Liberal Democrat Chris Davies
Helen Foster-Grime, Sue McGuire, Qassim Afzal, Neil Corlett, Mark Clayton, Stephen Cooke, Peter Hirst
235,639 14.3 −1.6
BNP Nick Griffin
Martin Wingfield, Steve Greenhalgh, Edward O'Sullivan, Jean Purdy, Michael Elliot, Derek Adams, Gary Aronsson
132,194 8.0 +1.6
Green Peter Cranie, Maria Whitelegg, Ruth Bergan, Samir Chatterjee, Jill Perry, Justine Hall, Margaret Westbrook, Geoff Smith 127,133 7.7 +2.1
English Democrat Ed Abrams, Stephen Morris, Robert Logan, Derek Grue, Anthony Justice, Maurice Brookes, Valerie Morris, Ken Walters 40,027 2.4 +0.8
Socialist Labour Billy Kelly, Stephen Whatham, Kai Andersen, Ronald Waugh, Dot Kelly, Lynton Bennett, Dot Entwistle, Michael Perry 26,224 1.6 N/A
Christian Hans-Christian Raabe, Jill McLachlan, John Manwell, Maria Overend, Clive Morrison, Bob Ralph, Carol Jules, David Lee Martin 25,999 1.6 N/A
NO2EU Roger Bannister, Les Skarrot, Craig Johnston, Alec McFadden, Steve Radford, Lynn Worthington, John Metcalfe, Harry Smith 23,580 1.4 N/A
Jury Team Krishnamurty Tayya, Graham Ross, Carl Birchall, William Brotherston, Mary Strickland, Michael Hale 8,783 0.5 N/A
Libertas Benjamin Caraduc Tallis, Anthony Butcher, Paul Dabrowa, William Westall, Liam Hemmings, John Humberstone, Michael O'Reilly 6,980 0.4 N/A
Independent Francis Apaloo 3,621 0.2 N/A
Turnout 1,651,825 31.7 −9.2
European Election 2004: North West England[13]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Labour Gary Titley, Arlene McCarthy, Terry Wynn
Brian Simpson, Theresa Griffin, Rosie Cooper, Albert Catterall, Rupa Huq, Ebrahim Adia
27.4 −7.1
Conservative Den Dover, David Sumberg, Sir Robert Atkins
Jacqueline Foster, David Newns, Alfred Doran, Eveleigh Dutton, Leslie Byrom, James Mawdsley
24.2 −11.2
Liberal Democrat Chris Davies, Saj Karim
Helen Flo Clucas, Qassim Afzal, Stan Collins, Allison Seabourne, Paula Keaveney, Neil Corlett, Alison Firth
15.9 +4.2
UKIP John Whittaker
Gregg Beaman, John Browne, Gerald Kelley, Alan Weddell, Stephen Roxborough, Richard Buttrey, Graham Cannon, Roy Hopwood
257,158 11.7 +5.2
BNP Nick Griffin, Martin Wingfield, Anthony Jones, Patricia Thomson, David Joines, Ralph Ellis, Richard Chadfield, Anita Corbett, Barry Birks[14] 134,959 6.4 +5.1
Green John Whitelegg, Gina Dowding, Spencer Fitz-Gibbon, Kay Roney, Peter Cranie, Vernon Marshall, Vanessa Hall, Kenneth McIver, James Craig 117,393 5.6 +0.0
Liberal Steve Radford, David Green, Hazel Williams, Philip Burke, Christopher Lenton, Christopher Barnes, Michael Butler, Robin Radnell, Daniel Wood 96,325 4.6 +2.4
English Democrat Christine Constable, Mark Wheatley, Julia Howman, Stephen Pipe, Lauren Spratt, Phillip Evans, Robert Abrams 34,110 1.6 N/A
Respect Michael Lavalette, Ahmed Hadi, Sabiha Vorajee, Alexander McFadden, Stephen Metcalfe, Madeline Heneghan, Richard Searle, Edna Greenwood, Susan Mary Bond 24,636 1.2 N/A
Countryside Party Rodney Black, Richard Malbon, Richard Ormrod, Kevin Tomkinson 11,283 0.5 N/A
ProLife Alliance Fiona Pinto, Julia Millington, Kathleen Delarmi, Rosanne Allen, Fiona Daly 10,084 0.5 N/A
Independent Ronald Alan Neal 8,318 0.4 N/A
Turnout 2,115,163 40.9 +21.2
European Election 1999: North West England[15]
List Candidates Votes % ±
Conservative Lord Inglewood, Sir Robert Atkins, David Sumberg, Den Dover, Jacqueline Foster
David Newns, Andrew Reid, Leslie Byrom, Christopher Lynch, Paul Brierley
35.4 N/A
Labour Arlene McCarthy, Gary Titley, Terry Wynn, Brian Simpson
Tony Cunningham, Mark Hendrick, Ruth Turner, Claire Nangle, Michael Ward, Theresa Griffin
34.5 N/A
Liberal Democrat Chris Davies
Flo Clucas, Tim Farron, Patsy Calton, Roger Putnam, Yasmin Zalzala, Kiron Reid, Kate Fletcher, Mark Clayton, Jackie Pearcey
119,376 11.7 N/A
UKIP John Whittaker, Gerald Kelley, Roger Bullock, Gordon Black, Mona McNee, Mark Adams, Valerie Cowell, Graham Cannon, Alan Weddell, John Tomlin 66,779 6.6 N/A
Green John Whitelegg, Spencer Fitz-Gibbon, Chris Busby, Robin Field, Lance Crookes, Gina Dowding, Julian Parry, Geoffrey Nicholls, Jenny Jones, Joy Hogg 56,828 5.6 N/A
Liberal Michael Meadowcroft, Steve Radford, David Green, Philip Burke, Gary Copeland, Colin Paisley, Hazel Williams, Susan Ashton, Alison Micklem, Paul Woodruff 22,640 2.2 N/A
BNP Christian Jackson, Roger Wood, David Blezard, Michael Cope, Mark Dodd, Lee Barnes, Anthony Hodson, William Hitches, Brian Winn, Geoffrey Barnes 13,587 1.3 N/A
Socialist Labour William Kelly, Gias Choudhury, Alec McFadden, Lynne Lowe, Ali Mehmood, James Hackett, Steven Wynn, Jim Dooher, Michael Perry, Terence Cullen 11,338 1.1 N/A
Pro-Euro Conservative Andrew Pearce, Janet Terras, Paul Bennetts, Andrew Zsigmund, Edward Pearce, Jane Baines, Tim Coppinger, Graham Perkins, Linda Callaghan, Barry Hardcastle 9,816 1.0 N/A
Anti-Corruption Pro-Family Christian Alliance David Braid 2,251 0.2 N/A
Natural Law John Collins, Dinah Grice, Peter Leadbetter, Deborah Wright, William Hite, Bryan Irving, Bibette Leadbetter, Simon Cohen, Geoffrey Gay, Anne Marie Scott 2,114 0.2 N/A
English Independent Humanist Party Douglas Firkin-Flood 1,049 0.1 N/A
Weekly Worker John Pearson, Roger Harper, Philip Watson, Stephen Riley, Edward Rowlands, Thomas May, Daniel Hammill, Daniel Bowles 878 0.1 N/A
Turnout 1,017,194 19.7 N/A

External links[edit]

  • European Election 2009 – Results Breakdown for the North West (by district)
  • "Your MEPs: North West". European Parliament Information Office in the United Kingdom. Archived from the original on 13 February 2013. Includes photos, contact information, links to EU website profiles


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