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Nottingham Art Theatre

Nottingham Arts Theatre is a theatre on George Street in Nottingham, England. Formerly known as the Co-op Arts Theatre,[citation needed] it is located in the former George Street Particular Baptist Church building.

It has a seating capacity of 321 in the Auditorium and a newer 50-seat studio theatre. It is operated by a charity and the local acting community. It has seen a few notable entertainers on its stage such as some of the members of Nottingham-based band Dog Is Dead. It also premiered the stage version of Alan Sillitoe's novel Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. It also stages a pantomime and a youth theatre production annually. A newer tradition is the summer 'Show in a Week' where minors (often from the youth theatre) come and stage a one-night show after a week's rehearsal. It also hosts the Nottingham Gilbert and Sullivan society's productions.


In recent years it has put on shows such as:

The theatre's 2012 pantomime production of Puss in Boots was the subject of a documentary, Panto!, by Jeanie Finlay, which was a co-production by Glimmer Films and Met Film Production for BBC Storyville. It was first aired on BBC Four on Monday 22 December 2014.[1]


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