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Nova Cinema
Novacinema logo.png
Owned byForthnet
Picture format16:9, 1080p (HDTV)
Formerly calledFilmnet (1994-2008)
Sister channel(s)Nova Sports
Nova Life
NOVA GreeceNC 1 HD: Channel 200
NC 2 HD: Channel 201
NC 3 HD: Channel 204
NC 4 HD: Channel 205
NOVA CyprusNC 1 HD: Channel 100
NC 2 HD: Channel 101
NC 3 HD: Channel 103
NC 4 HD: Channel 104
Cablenet (Cyprus)NC 1 HD: Channel 151
NC 2 HD: Channel 152
NC 3 HD: Channel 153
NC 4 HD: Channel 154
CytaVisionNC 1: Channel 40
NC 2: Channel 41
NC 3: Channel 42
NC 4: Channel 43
PrimeTelNC 1: Channel 601
NC 2: Channel 602
NC 3: Channel 603
NC 4: Channel 604

Nova Cinema is a pay television service available in Greece that broadcasts blockbuster movies and hit series. It is a 24/7 movie service in Greece and it launched in 1994. It is owned by Forthnet, who own and operate Nova a DTH satellite service and Nova Sports—a sports channel.

Nova Cinema features hit movies from Greece and abroad, including Hollywood blockbusters. It also airs hit TV series from the US such as Game of Thrones and NCIS. It used to be one of only 3 premium movie services in the world that have output deals with all major Hollywood studios until 2016. Recently, Nova Cinema has output deals with three of six major Hollywood studios, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros.. It boasts a new premier every other day, many films get their debut in Greece on Nova Cinema. Also, it broadcasts all the biggest movie and TV events such as the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and BAFTA.

In 2015, Nova Cinema has an output deal with HBO to broadcast the biggest hit series in Greece at the same time with the US. The fifth season of Game of Thrones premiered on 12 April 2015 on HBO and Nova Cinema at the same time.

Nova satellite subscribers have access to all four Nova Cinema channels if they subscribe to either the Cinema pack or the Full pack offered by the company.


From 1994 until 1 June 2008, Nova Cinema was known as Filmnet. Filmnet is one of the oldest names in European Pay-TV history: Originally, service was launched in 1985 targeting Benelux and Scandinavia. In 1997, all Filmnet channels minus the one in Greece were sold to the Canal+ Group and rebranded as Canal+. With the arrival of the Nova Cinema brand, the name Filmnet was retired.

Channels and content[edit]

Nova Cinema operates four multiplex channels:

  • NovaCinema 1 HD: The premiere's channel, features blockbusters and premieres, Greek co-productions from Nova, as well as all the great movie awards.
  • NovaCinema 2 HD: The channel showing the most distinguished movies. It features favourite selections from great movies that stood out due to the actors, directors, awards or box office, and as well as thematic evenings with special cinema tributes.
  • NovaCinema 3 HD: The action and adventure channel, features adventure, crime, fantasy, sci-fi, horror and western movies and as well as adult zone every night.
  • NovaCinema 4 HD: The series channel, features foreign series with new episodes, broadcast for the first time in Greece, shortly after America’s air time.

Temporary channels[edit]

Nova occasionally gives one of their channels a temporary rebrand to air different kinds of seasonal or promotional programming. Examples of this include:

  • Nova Summer HD: Broadcast from 1 June until 31 August, featuring 2 movies every night.
  • Nova Christmas HD: Broadcast during the Christmas holidays as a seasonal channel featuring family and kids movies every night.
  • Nova Stars HD: Broadcast during the whole January and the whole February, featuring 2 awarded/nominated movies every night.
  • Nova Star Wars: Broadcast from 4 May 2015 until 31 May 2015, featuring Star Wars full-time.
  • Nova Harry Potter HD: Broadcast from 14 October 2017 until 29 October 2017, featuring Harry Potter full-time.
  • Nova X-Men HD: Broadcast from 11 May 2018 until 28 May 2018, featuring X-Men full-time.
  • Nova Thrones HD: Broadcast from 1 April 2019 until 31 May 2019, featuring Game of Thrones full-time.

Special Events[edit]

NovaCinema 1 HD features special events such as Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and BAFTA. It used to broadcast the Academy Awards until 2016 when Nova lost the exclusive rights to the coverage of the ceremony.

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