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The 23rd congressional district of Ohio was eliminated in the redistricting following the 1980 census. The district had been created after the elimination of the at-large seat after the 1950 election.

In its last decade, the district consisted of western and southern Cuyahoga county.

List of members representing the district[edit]

Member Party Year(s) Cong
Electoral history
District created January 3, 1953
George Bender.jpg
George H. Bender
Republican January 3, 1953 –
December 15, 1954
83rd Redistricted from the at-large district.
Resigned when elected elected U.S. Senator.
William Edwin Minshall, Jr 93rd Congress 1973.jpg
William Edwin Minshall Jr.
Republican January 3, 1955 –
December 31, 1974
[Data unknown/missing.]
Ronald M. Mottl 97th Congress 1981.jpg
Ronald M. Mottl
Democratic January 3, 1975 –
January 3, 1983
[Data unknown/missing.]
District inactive January 3, 1983 –

Election results[edit]

Year Democratic Republican Other
1952 Michael P. O'Brien: 47,090 George H. Bender (inc.)*: 85,752  
1954 Bernice S. Pyke: 33,639 William E. Minshall: 69,994  
1956 George A. Hurley: 46,247 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 102,707  
1958 Daniel Winston: ??95,267?? William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 47,953  
1960 Daniel Winston: 59,893 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 123,364  
1962 Emil C. Weber: 42,907 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 107,510  
1964 Norbert G. Dennerll Jr.: 64,162 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 131,554  
1966 Sheldon D. Clark: 37,489 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 102,513  
1968 James V. Stanton: 98,825 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 106,852  
1970 Ronald M. Mottl: 73,765 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 111,218  
1972 Dennis J. Kucinich: 94,366 William E. Minshall Jr. (inc.): 98,594 Frederick D. Lyon (AI): 2,976
John O'Neill (SL): 3,615
1974 Ronald M. Mottl (inc.): 53,338 George E. Masties: 46,810 Arthur L. Cain: 2,005
Bohdan A. Futey: 2,655
Hugh J. Gallagher: 3,461
Dennis J. Kucinich: 45,186
1976 Ronald M. Mottl (inc.): 130,576 Michael T. Scanlon: 47,804  
1978 Ronald M. Mottl (inc.): 99,975 Homer S. Taft: 33,732  
1980 Ronald M. Mottl (inc.)*: 144,371    


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