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The Oklahoma state highway system includes many state highways that act as short spur and connector routes off some of the U.S. highways that pass through the state. These highways generally bear the same number of the U.S. highway they connect to with a letter suffix.

US 64.svg U.S. Highway 64[edit]

US 69.svg U.S. Highway 69[edit]

  • SH-69A There are two highways currently designated 69A

US 70.svg U.S. Highway 70[edit]

  • SH-70A (7 mi) is a spur connecting Kingston, Oklahoma to Woodville, McBride, and Lake Texoma.
  • US-70A (0.9 mi) is a business route in Wilson.
  • SH-70B (6 mi) connects Kingston and Lake Texoma.
  • SH-70D is a spur to Devol
  • SH-70E runs parallel to US-70 starting at SH-78 and traveling east, looping north to connect to its parent route near Bennington.
  • SH-70F connects Madill to US-70 two miles (3 km) east of Kingston.

US 77.svg U.S. Highway 77[edit]

US 81.svg U.S. Highway 81[edit]

  • SH-81A (1.94 mi) is an unsigned loop route in Duncan. The route begins at US-81, intersects SH-7, and serves as the western terminus of SH-7A before ending, again at US-81.[1]

US 183.svg U.S. Highway 183[edit]

  • SH-183A is a 0.8 miles (1.3 km) spur connecting US-183 to Bessie.

US 259.svg U.S. Highway 259[edit]

US 270.svg U.S. Highway 270[edit]

  • SH-270A (2 mi/3.2 km) ran from US-270 south of Seminole, Oklahoma to State Highway 9 east of the city and in effect functioned as an eastern bypass of Seminole. The SH-270A designation was removed on May 7, 2018, and was replaced by a realigned US-270.[2]

US 271.svg U.S. Highway 271[edit]

US 281.svg U.S. Highway 281[edit]

  • SH-281A (1 mi/1.6 km) connects US-281 to the town of Geronimo.

US 412.svg U.S. Highway 412[edit]

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