Olney-Oak Lane, Philadelphia

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Olney-Oak Lane
Fern Rock Transportation Center
Map of Philadelphia, with Olney-Oak Lane at top of highlighted area (click for larger image)
Map of Philadelphia, with Olney-Oak Lane at top of highlighted area (click for larger image)
Country United States of America
State Pennsylvania
County Philadelphia
City Philadelphia
 • Total168,770
ZIP code
  • 19120
  • 19126
  • 19138
  • 19141

Olney-Oak Lane, Philadelphia, is a section of Philadelphia that is immediately north of Upper North Philadelphia and south of Cheltenham. It is an area that consists of the now defunct township that was called "Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania". The section is often included as part of North Philadelphia by city government agencies,[1] though locally it is often referred to as "Uptown,"[citation needed] along with the Germantown section.

The section includes the neighborhoods of East Oak Lane and West Oak Lane, Feltonville, Fern Rock, Koreatown, Logan, Ogontz, and Olney.


As of 2010, the Olney-Oak Lane section of Philadelphia had a population of 168,770, with 76,576 males, 92,195 females, and a median age of 33.[2]

Racial demographics:[3][4]

  • Non-Hispanic Black: 94,679 (56.1%)
  • Hispanic or Latino of any race: 40,336 (23.9%)
  • Non-Hispanic White: 15,526 (9.2%)
  • Asian: 12,320 (7.3%)
  • Mixed or Other: 5,906 (3.5%)

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Coordinates: 40°02′51″N 75°06′02″W / 40.04759°N 75.10065°W / 40.04759; -75.10065