2016 Olongapo local elections

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2016 Olongapo mayoral election
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Nominee Rolen Paulino James Gordon Jr. Octavio Galvezo
Party Liberal Bagumbayan-VNP Independent
Running mate Jong Cortez Rodel Cerezo
Popular vote 66,815 20,002 549
Percentage 76.48% 22.89% 0.63%

Mayor before election

Rolen Paulino

Elected Mayor

Rolen Paulino

Local elections were held in Olongapo City on May 9, 2016 within the Philippine general election. The voters will elect candidates for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, and ten councilors.

Mayoralty Election[edit]

Incumbent Mayor Rolen Paulino is running for reelection as Mayor under the Liberal Party, his running mate is Councilor Jong Cortez.

His opponent are former Mayor James L. Gordon Jr. is set to make a political comeback after 3 years. He is running under the Bagumbayan-VNP, his running mate is Incumbent Vice Mayor Rodel Cerezo and Independent candidate Octavio Galvezo.



Olongapo City Mayoralty Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Rolen Paulino 66,815 76.48%
Bagumbayan-VNP James "Bong" Gordon Jr. 20,002 22.89%
Independent Octavio Galvezo 549 0.63%
Total votes 87,366 100.00%

Vice Mayor[edit]

Olongapo City Vice Mayoralty Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Jong Cortez 47,704 57.73%
Bagumbayan-VNP Rodel Cerezo 34,932 42.27%
Total votes 82,636 100.00%


Team Paulino[edit]

Liberal Party/Team Paulino
Name Party
Noel Atienza Liberal
Linus Bacay Liberal
BJ Cajudo Liberal
Edna Elane Liberal
Ed Guerrero Liberal
Lugie Lipumano Liberal
Erma Manalang Liberal
Winnie Ortiz Liberal
Bas Palo Liberal

Straight Gordon Ticket[edit]

Bagumbayan-VNP/Straight Gordon Ticket
Name Party
Zar Batapa Bagumbayan-VNP
Genia Eclarino Bagumbayan-VNP
Eyrma Marzan-Estrella Bagumbayan-VNP
Ferdie Magrata Bagumbayan-VNP
Jimmy Mendoza Bagumbayan-VNP
Cornelio Niro Bagumbayan-VNP
Gina Perez Bagumbayan-VNP
Ed Piano Bagumbayan-VNP
Mike Pusing Bagumbayan-VNP
Ronald Villegas Bagumbayan-VNP
Olongapo City Council Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Lugie Lipumano 51,763
Liberal BJ Cajudo 47,135
Liberal Noel Atienza 45,235
Liberal Ed Guerrero 42,557
Liberal Winnie Ortiz 42,525
Liberal Edna Edlane 40,878
Liberal Linus Bacay 33,756
Bagumbayan-VNP Ed Piano 30,271
Liberal Basilio Palo 29,803
Aksyon Jerome Michael Bacay 29,471
Liberal Erma Manalang 29,096
Bagumbayan-VNP Zar Batapa 27,770
Bagumbayan-VNP Eyrma Marzan-Estrella 26,644
Bagumbayan-VNP Gina Perez 26,118
Independent Kaye Legaspi 19,707
Aksyon Joe Madria 19,526
Bagumbayan-VNP Mike Pusing 16,757
UNA Filipina Tablan 15,758
Bagumbayan-VNP Ferdie Magrata 13,990
Independent Jojo Perez 12,000
Bagumbayan-VNP Ronald Villegas 10,833
Bagumbayan-VNP Genia Eclarino 10,671
Independent Edwin De Guzman 10,361
Aksyon Michael Alop 10,084
Independent Valiente De Leon 8,778
Bagumbayan-VNP Cornelio Niro 8,352
Independent Dante Hondo 8,277
Bagumbayan-VNP Jimmy Mendoza 7,827
Independent Mike Fanugao 6,822
Independent Roberto Buenafe 6,239
Independent Charles Burns Jr. 4,652
Independent Ricky Basañez 4,170
Independent Brenda Peralta 3,356
Independent Mondy Gutierrez 2,910
Independent Sevando Cesar Reyes 2,761
Independent Michael Talapiero 1,526
Independent Fernandito Lañada 1,161
Total votes 709,540 100.00%