Onryo (wrestler)

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BornMay 27
Ota, Gunma, Japan
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)Calgary Wolf
Wolf Ozawa
Billed height1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Billed weight89 kg (196 lb)
Trained byWrestle Dream Factory
DebutMarch 31, 1995

Ryo Matsuri (祭遼, Matsuri Ryō)[1][2] is a Japanese professional wrestler, better known under the ring name Onryo (怨霊, Onryō). As Onryo, Matsui portrays the character of a ghost wrestler, who was killed after winning a cursed championship. He is best known for his work in Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling and Big Japan Pro Wrestling. He is the founder of 666 promotion.

Professional wrestling career[edit]

Matsuri started his career as Wolf Ozawa in the Tokai University backyard wrestling promotion, where he was eventually discovered by Mens Teioh and invited to train in the Wrestle Yume Factory. There he adopted the gimmick of Onryo (怨霊, Onryō), an undead wrestler based on the Japanese folklore ghosts of the same name.[3] Under this character, Matsuri wore pale facepaint and shabby clothes that released ashes with each movement, and elements of his gimmick included the ability to turn invisible to his opponents and disappear at will.[4]

Onryo gained popularity and began appearing in promotions like Pro Wrestling Fujiwara Gumi, Wrestle Association R and Dramatic Dream Team before eventually signing with Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW) in 2000. He also participated in that year's Super J-Cup, eliminating Curry Man before being eliminated himself by Cima. His FMW tenure would be the most prolific one, however. He participated in a feud with Goemon about a cursed championship that slowly killed his champion, which was revealed as the reason why Onryo became a ghost in the past.[3]

In 2003, Onryo founded 666 along with The Crazy SKB.[3][4] Along with his participations in 666, he found his niche in Big Japan Pro Wrestling teaming with (and occasionally facing) MEN's Teioh in cruiserweight matches.

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


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