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Oskar Skarsaune (Trondheim, 2 July 1946)[1][2] is professor of church history at MF Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo.[3]

Skarsaune's major work on Justin Martyr, The Proof from Prophecy. A Study in Justin Martyr's Proof-Text Tradition: Text-Type, Provenance, Theological Profile is frequently cited.[4][5] His study calls for a revision in views of accounts of Justin's conversion.[6][7][8][9]

Skarsaune is also editor of and contributor to The History of Jewish Believers in Jesus from Antiquity to the Present, which includes his study of the Ebionites - whom Skarsaune argued made a central claim of the parentage of Joseph, and against the virgin birth of Jesus.[10] Skarsaune has close ties to the Messianic Jewish community in Israel and invited their contribution to the project.[11]


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