Otluca HES

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Otluca HES
Otluca HES is located in Turkey
Otluca HES
Location of Otluca HES in Turkey
LocationSugözü, Anamur,
Mersin Province
Coordinates36°18′14″N 32°46′36″E / 36.30389°N 32.77667°E / 36.30389; 32.77667Coordinates: 36°18′14″N 32°46′36″E / 36.30389°N 32.77667°E / 36.30389; 32.77667
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsDragon Creek
Power Station
Installed capacity47.7 MWe
Annual generation224 GWh

Otluca HES is a three stage hydroelectric plant of Turkey.

It is in Anamur ilçe (district) of Mersin Province. It is to the north of Anamur and on Dragon Creek. The main unit is at 36°18′14″N 32°46′36″E / 36.30389°N 32.77667°E / 36.30389; 32.77667

Technical details[edit]

The technical details are as follows;

Name of the plant Hydraulic head[1] Power[2]
Otluca 1 208 metres (682 ft) 36.9 MWe
Otluca 2 28 metres (92 ft) 5.8 MWe
Boğuntu 65 metres (213 ft) 3.3 MWe

The total annual energy production capacity is 224 GW-hr. [1] But currently the last unit hasn't been put into operation yet . The plant is being operated by the company Beyobası ( a subdiary of Akfen) . [3]