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Location of Odisha

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Odisha:

Odisha – one of the 29 states of India, located in the eastern coast. Odisha has 485 kilometres (301 mi) of coastline along the Bay of Bengal on its east, from Balasore to Malkangiri.[1] It is the 9th largest state by area, and the 11th largest by population. Odia (formerly known as Oriya)[2] is the official and most widely spoken language, spoken by 33.2 million according to the 2001 Census.[3]

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General reference[edit]


Rankings (amongst India's states)[edit]

Geography of Odisha[edit]

Geography of Odisha

Location of Odisha[edit]

Environment of Odisha[edit]

Protected areas in Odisha[edit]

Natural geographic features of Odisha[edit]

Regions of Odisha[edit]

Administrative divisions of Odisha[edit]

Districts of Odisha[edit]
Municipalities of Odisha[edit]

Municipalities of Odisha

Demography of Odisha[edit]

Demographics of Odisha

Government and politics of Odisha[edit]

Politics of Odisha

Union government in Odisha[edit]

Branches of the government of Odisha[edit]

Government of Odisha

Executive branch of the government of Odisha[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Odisha[edit]

Odisha Legislative Assembly

Judicial branch of the government of Odisha[edit]

Law and order in Odisha[edit]

History of Odisha[edit]

History of Odisha

History of Odisha, by period[edit]

Prehistoric Odisha[edit]

Ancient Odisha[edit]

Medieval Odisha[edit]

Colonial Odisha[edit]

Contemporary Odisha[edit]

History of Odisha, by region[edit]

History of Odisha, by subject[edit]

Culture of Odisha[edit]

Culture of Odisha

Art in Odisha[edit]

Languages of Odisha[edit]

People of Odisha[edit]

Religion in Odisha[edit]

Religion in Odisha

Sports in Odisha[edit]

Sports in Odisha

Symbols of Odisha[edit]

Symbols of Odisha

  • State animal:Sambar
  • State bird:bhadabhadaliya
  • State flower:
  • State seal: Seal of Odisha
  • State tree:

Economy and infrastructure of Odisha[edit]

Economy of Odisha

Education in Odisha[edit]

Education in Odisha

Health in Odisha[edit]

Health in Odisha

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