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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to computing:

Computing – activity of using and improving computer hardware and software.

Branches of computing[edit]

Computer science[edit]

Computer science   (outline)


See information processor for a high-level block diagram.

Instruction-level taxonomies[edit]

After the commoditization of memory, attention turned to optimizing CPU performance at the instruction level. Various methods of speeding up the fetch-execute cycle include:


Part of an early computer, EDSAC.

History of computing[edit]

Business computing[edit]

Human factors[edit]

Computer network[edit]

Wired and wireless computer network[edit]

This notebook computer is connected to a wireless access point using a PC card wireless card.

Computing technology based wireless networking (CbWN)[edit]

The main goal of CbWN is to optimize the system performance of the flexible wireless network.

Computer security[edit]


Numeric data[edit]

Character data[edit]

Other data topics[edit]

Classes of computers[edit]

There are several terms which describe classes, or categories, of computers:


A computer Lab

Companies – current[edit]

Companies – historic[edit]

Professional organizations[edit]

Standards bodies[edit]

Open standards bodies[edit]

See also Open standard

Computing publications[edit]

Persons influential in computing[edit]

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