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Rail transport – means of conveyance of passengers and goods by way of wheeled vehicles running on rail tracks consisting of steel rails installed on sleepers/ties and ballast.

What type of thing is rail transport?[edit]

Rail transport can be described as all of the following:

Essence of rail transport[edit]

Types of railway/railroad[edit]

Urban rail transport, general types[edit]

History of rail transport[edit]

History of rail transport




Railway infrastructure[edit]

Permanent way[edit]

Trackwork and track structures[edit]

Railway track layouts[edit]

Running lines[edit]

Track (Running lines)

Rail sidings[edit]

Rail sidings

Rail junctions[edit]

Rail junctions

Railway station track layouts[edit]

Railway station



Signalling and safety[edit]


Rail transport by region[edit]

Rail transport politics[edit]

Rail culture[edit]

General concepts[edit]

Rail transport organizations[edit]

Rail transport publications[edit]

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