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Préférences Mag or PREF mag
First issueMarch 2004
Final issueMarch 2011
CompanyPrefmag Editions
Based inLevallois-Perret, Paris

PREF mag or Préférences Mag was a French bimonthly gay magazine founded in March 2004.[1] The magazine was part of Prefmag Editions.[2] The headquarters was in Levallois-Perret.[2] It was a competitor of the magazine Têtu. It was known for its high quality images among other attributes.[3] Although it was a leading prominent and well selling publication for the gay communities it faced criticisms for being politically bland and not embracing non-consumeristic aspirations.[1][4][5] They included some more risque content including supportive of LGBT families and open-marriages in line with that of modern French culture.[6] They also were supportive of non-standard views of masculinity and how one's sexuality should conform to traditional models.[4]

PREF mag ceased publication in March 2011.[2]

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