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The Palmdale School District is a school district that serves a major part of the city of Palmdale, California (USA).

The Palmdale School District was first formed in 1888. Approximately 28,000 students are enrolled in the Palmdale School District. The district consists of 29 schools:

The Palmdale School District is only serving kindergarten through the 8th grade. All high school level education (9th - 12th grades) in the metropolitan area is provided by the Antelope Valley Union High School District.

List of schools[edit]

All PSD schools are located within the city limits of Palmdale.


Elementary Schools[edit]

Junior High Schools[edit]

Technical Schools[edit]

  • Palmdale Learning Plaza
    • The Palmdale Learning Plaza is a specialty technical school designed to give a “hands on” approach to learning. It resembles collegiate technical school classes but in a K-8 format.

Dual Immersion School, not ESL

English as a Second Language (ESL) Schools[edit]

Special Education Schools[edit]

Alternative Education Schools[edit]

Specialty Schools[edit]

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