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Paytakaran city was Greater Armenia's easternmost province's Paytakaran's main city. The city was near to the place where Kur and Arax rivers mix, in the shores of Caspian sea. Paytakaran city was a very important fortress and was used against North Caucasus' barbarians. It was also a court dungeon, where were imprisoned dangerous political criminals. After 301 AD, when Christianity was made official religion, one of the lord's imprisoned in the Paytakaran dungeon 438 priests, who refused to become Christian. After the 387's division, when the city passed to the Persian Empire, the city became a Persian important fortress. In the 6th and 7th centuries because of Caspian sea's levels lowering the water left the city, and soon dried one of the branches of Arax that was flowing by Paytakaran city. The city was left. In the 7th century Arab forces conquered Paytakaran city. The city was finally destroyed by Mongols. The current city of Beylagan, Azerbaijani is located on the site of the historic city of Paytakaran.

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