Perambur Flyover Park

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Perambur Flyover Park
TypeUrban park
LocationPerambur, Chennai, India
Coordinates13°06′32″N 80°14′36″E / 13.10888°N 80.24345°E / 13.10888; 80.24345Coordinates: 13°06′32″N 80°14′36″E / 13.10888°N 80.24345°E / 13.10888; 80.24345
CreatedRecreated in 2010
Managed byCorporation of Chennai

Perambur Flyover Park (Tamil: பெரம்பூர் மேம்பாலப் பூங்கா), officially known as Murasoli Maran Flyover Park (Tamil: முரசொலி மாறன் மேம்பாலப் பூங்கா), is an urban park in the neighbourhood of Perambur, Chennai.


Perambur Flyover Park is located under the Perambur Flyover in Perambur near the Perambur Railway Station, in the junction of Perambur High Road, Madhavaram High Road, Paper Mills Road, Tank Bunk Road, Perambur Tank Road.

The park[edit]

The Perambur Railway Station and Perambur High Road divides the park into two parts, one is on north of Perambur Railway Station and the other one is on south of Perambur Railway Station. The northern side is comparitvely huge in size than the southern side. The northern side has many facilities such as yoga stage, children play area, skating park, disco water with colour lights, high mast tower light, concrete benches with pedestrian paths. While the southern side has only high mast tower light, concrete benches with pedestrian paths. The northern side is more crowded than the southern side. The park is crowded on evening of weekends and public holidays. It is also the first Disco Water Park in Chennai.[1]

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