Peri-Khan Sofiyeva

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Peri-Khan Sofieva
Pərixan Sofiyeva
Pərixan Sofiyeva.jpg
Member of the Parliament of Democratic Republic of Georgia
In office
16 February 1919 – 25 February 1920
Personal details
Karajala, Tiflis Governorate, Russian Empire
Karajala, Georgia SSR, Soviet Union
Political partyGeorgian Socialist-Federalist Revolutionary Party

Peri-Khan Sofieva (Azerbaijani: Pərixan Sofiyeva; 1884 – 1953), was the first female elected member of a parliament in the Muslim world.[1]


Sofiyeva was born in 1884 in the Azerbaijani town of Karajala, then part of the Georgian region of Tiflis Governorate, in Russian Empire. Was the only girl in a family of 8. At the time of the Russian Empire, Sofia was the head of her brothers, thus gaining popularity. With the loan taken from the bank, opened an orphanage in the village.[2]

Political career[edit]

Independent Georgia[edit]

After the February 1917 Revolution, the transition from the South Caucasus began with a reform of the local governments. On 26 May 1918 Georgia declared its independence. On 2 December 1918 Sofiyeva was elected town councilor in the local elections in her village and shortly after became the candidate of the Georgian Socialist-Federalist Revolutionary Party in the parliamentary elections held in 1919 after the announcement of the Democratic Republic of Georgia representing her native region and became an independent member of the National Assembly, defeating all the other candidates. Her candidacy provoked rejection by several political parties, such as Muslim Social Democratic Party. It is known that while of her membership at the Parliament, she got a railway station built in her hometown. Although Sophieva was an active person, but very little is known about her life and parliamentary activity.[3][4]

Invasion of the Soviet Union[edit]

After the Red Army invasion of Georgia in 1921, all properties of the members of the National Assembly were confiscated. According to Rashgan Sofieva, the wife of Peri-Khan Sofieva's nephew, Sofiyeva hated the bolsheviks and the Soviet government. Because of the Great Purge, she walked with her old Mauser C96 pistol, after 8 brothers were executed and buried in one of the common graves because they came from a rich family and were considered traitors.[5]


Sofiyeva died on 1953, victim of a heart attack[6] after hearing of the detention of one of her nephews.

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