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Petaluma Transit
Petaluma Transit logo.png
ParentCity of Petaluma
Headquarters555 North McDowell Blvd
LocalePetaluma, CA
Service typebus service, paratransit
OperatorMV Transportation

Petaluma Transit is the public bus service in the city of Petaluma, Sonoma County, California. The system connects with several Sonoma County Transit routes for further travel within the county, Golden Gate Transit routes for travel between the city, Marin County, and San Francisco, and Sonoma County Airport Express routes for travel between the city, Oakland International Airport, and San Francisco International Airport.[1]

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday between 6:20 a.m. and 6:15 p.m., and on Saturday from 7:20 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., with no evening or Sunday, service. Saturday service is provided on some holidays.

Petaluma Paratransit provides ADA-mandated paratransit for eligible persons within Petaluma City Limits.

Routes serving Petaluma[edit]

PT = Petaluma Transit, SCT = Sonoma County Transit and GGT = Golden Gate Transit

Route No. Operator Terminals Notes Schedule Information
North/East South/West
1 PT Petaluma Blvd./Cherry Valley
  • Operates Monday - Saturday, 8 runs
  • Select trips continue as Route 24
Route 1 Schedule
1T PT Replaces Route 1, serving select schools in West Petaluma, at the following times:
  • 6:50am to 8:25am
  • 2:50pm to 3:25pm
2 PT North McDowell
  • Operates weekdays (28 runs), Saturdays (15 runs), Sundays (9 runs)
  • On Saturdays, trips continue as Route 11
Route 2 Schedule
3 PT Sonoma Mtn. Parkway/South Ely
  • Operates clockwise loops only (Route 33 operates the same area counterclockwise)
  • Operates weekdays and Saturdays (12 runs), with most trips continuing as Route 11
Route 3 Schedule
5 PT West Petaluma
  • Operates Mon-Fri 7-8 runs
Route 5 Schedule
11 PT E. Washington Street
  • Operates weekdays (32 runs), Saturdays (30 runs) and Sundays (19 runs)
  • On weekdays, trips continue as Route 33
  • On Saturdays, trips continue as either Route 2 or 3
Route 11 Schedule
24 PT Lakeville Road
  • Operates weekdays (10 runs) and Saturdays (9 runs)
  • Operates a clockwise loop service between Lakeville & Caulifield and S. McDowell & Cypress, operating via Lakeville Hwy returning to Downtown Petaluma
  • Trips continue as Route 1
Route 24 Schedule
33 PT South Ely/Sonoma Mtn. Parkway
  • Operates weekdays (16 runs), Saturdays (15 runs) and Sundays (10 runs)
  • Operates counterclockwise loops only (Route 3 operates the same area clockwise)
  • Trips continue as Route 11
Route 33 Schedule
40 SCT Sonoma
(Sonoma Plaza)
(Copeland St. Transit Mall)
Operates weekday peak periods only See Sonoma County Transit
44 SCT Santa Rosa
(Coddingtown Mall)
Serves SSU, Cotati, and East Petaluma
48 SCT Serves Rohnert Park, Cotati, and West Petaluma
48X SCT Santa Rosa
(County Administration Center)
(Petaluma Fairgrounds)
Commuter route serving the Petaluma Fairgrounds Park-and-Ride
72 GGT Santa Rosa
(Piner & Industrial)
San Francisco
(Financial District)
Commuter route serving the Petaluma Fairgrounds Park-and-Ride See List of Golden Gate Transit Routes
74 GGT West Petaluma
(Petaluma Blvd. N & Stony Point)
Commuter route; provides connections with all Petaluma Transit routes at 4th & C Streets
76 GGT East Petaluma
(Ely Road & York)
Commuter route; provides connections with Petaluma Transit Routes 3N/3S along Ely Road & Sonoma Mountain Parkway
101 GGT Santa Rosa
(Piner & Industrial)
San Francisco
(Civic Center)
Serves the Copeland Street Transit Mall (weeknights, weekends, and holidays)
101X Commuter route; provides direct connections between Petaluma and San Francisco Civic Center

Attractions served by Petaluma Transit[edit]

Petaluma Transit serves regional transit transfer points such as Fourth and C Streets, in downtown Petaluma, the Copeland Transit Mall, and the Petaluma Fairgrounds, allowing transfers to and from all Petaluma Transit Routes to Sonoma County Transit, Golden Gate Transit, and Amtrak. Petaluma Transit's trunk route,

Route 1: Petaluma Boulevard & Cherry Valley

  • Boulevard Bowl (Petaluma Blvd. S & McNear)
  • City Hall
  • Petaluma Junior High School
  • Petaluma High School
  • Petaluma Village Premium Outlets
  • Town and Country Shopping Center
  • Petaluma Veterans Hall

Route 2: North McDowell

  • Lucchesi Park
  • Petaluma Plaza Shopping Center
  • Plaza North Shopping Center
  • Petaluma Valley Hospital
  • Redwood Gateway Shopping Center (Kohl's)
  • Petaluma Community Health Clinic

Routes 3 & 33: Sonoma Mtn. Parkway/South Ely (Route 3 operates clockwise and Route 33 runs counterclockwise trips)

  • Casa Grande High School
  • Crinella Park
  • East Washington Creek Trail
  • Lucchesi Park
  • Lynch Creek Trail
  • Santa Rosa Junior College (Petaluma Campus)
  • Kenilworth Junior High School

Route 11: E Washington Street

  • Downtown Petaluma, including 4th & C
  • Copeland Street Transit Mall, east of downtown, providing an easy transfer to Golden Gate Transit and Sonoma County Transit services.
  • Golden Eagle Shopping Center
  • Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds (Park-and-Ride)
  • Petaluma Swim Center and Skate Park
  • Washington Square Shopping Center

Route 24: Lakeville

  • Adobe Creek Trail
  • Altman Marsh Trail
  • Casa Grande High School
  • Crinella Park
  • Gateway Plaza Shopping Center
  • Kaiser Hospital Petaluma
  • Schollenberger Park and Wetlands Trail

For a map showing all of Petaluma Transit's services and attractions served, click here.


Petaluma Paratransit is the paratransit arm of Petaluma Transit, providing transportation for ADA-eligible persons in the city.[2] Trips can be reserved for travel Monday through Friday, 6:20am to 6:15pm, and Saturday, 7:20am to 5:45pm. Trips must be reserved at least one day in advance. Patrons must be registered with Petaluma Paratransit prior to booking trips.

Fares, Transfers, and Passes[edit]


For all regular Petaluma Transit routes:[3]

  • Adult fare: $1.25
  • Student fare:$1.00
  • Senior (65 and older)/Disabled fare: $0.50
  • Two children, five years or younger, may ride for free with one paying adult.

For Petaluma Paratransit:

  • One-way fare: $2.25


Petaluma Transit issues free transfers with paid fare for connections with other Petaluma Transit routes at time of boarding to complete a one-way trip not served by a single route. Transfer must be used within one hour.

Inter-agency Transfers[edit]

Golden Gate Transit:

  • From GGT: Petaluma Transit accepts GGT transfers for a full local fare credit.
  • To GGT: Accepts Petaluma Transit transfers for a $1.00 fare credit for adults ($0.50 for youth, seniors, and persons with disabilities) for continuing travel on GGT. Surrender the transfer to the bus operator to receive the appropriate credit.[4]

Sonoma County Transit:

  • From SCT: Petaluma Transit accepts SCT transfers for $0.10 credit.
  • To SCT: Accepts Petaluma Transit transfers for a first zone fare credit.

Sonoma–Marin Area Rail Transit:

  • From SMART: Passengers receive a $1.50 fare credit when paying by Clipper.
  • To SMART: Similarly, passengers receive a $1.50 discount when paying with cash value.


Two kinds of passes are offered by Petaluma Transit:

10-Ride Transit Pass

  • Adults: $12.50
  • Students: $10.00
  • Seniors (65 and older)/Disabled: $5.00

Petaluma Transit Pass - valid for one calendar month, allowing unlimited rides on all Petaluma Transit routes

  • Adults: $30.00
  • Students: $20.00
  • Seniors (65 and older)/Disabled: $15.00

Any person enrolled in a class at the Santa Rosa Junior College is eligible for a student pass. Petaluma Paratransit also offers a Rider Card for $27.00, good for 12 one-way trips.

The passes can be purchased at the Finance Department at City Hall, Lucchesi Community Center, Petaluma City Schools Admin Office, Mail Depot (4th & C), G & G Supermarket, Lolita's Market, Petaluma Jr. High, Kenilworth Jr. High, or through mail by contacting City Hall.


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