Petar Gburčik

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Petar Gburčik
Petar Gburcik.jpg
photograph circa 2004
Born(1931-10-30)30 October 1931
Died29 October 2006(2006-10-29) (aged 74)
Known forFirst mathematical models of the numerical weather prediction, Spatial distribution of air-pollution
Scientific career
FieldsMeteorology, Atmospheric Physics, Mathematical modelling

Prof. Petar Gburčik (Cyrillic: Петар Гбурчик) (30 October 1931 - 29 October 2006) was a Serbian scientist and a Professor of Meteorology at the University of Belgrade. He was the author of first mathematical models of the numerical weather prediction,[1] which were used operationally in the Weather Service of Yugoslavia from 1970 to 1977. In the same period he began modeling of the atmospheric diffusion of air-pollution and created the first model of the spatial distribution of air-pollution.[2] The output of this model was used for the elaboration of the urban plan of Pančevo. For the actual research of the three-dimensional distribution of wind energy (on the territories of Belgrade and Serbia) he applied the integration of classic models with GIS technology.[3]

Special area of his engagements were the intentionally and inadvertently modified climates, as well as their impact on the sustainable development. These modifications destabilize the climate system and lead to big material and social damage, due to the lack of possibility of weather control. Petar Gburčik proved this with his scientific papers on weather modifications and climate change.


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