Phorcys of Phrygia

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In Greek mythology, Phorcys (/ˈfɔːrsɪs/; Ancient Greek: Φόρκυς, Phorkus) was a Phrygian ally of King Priam in the Trojan War. Phorcys appears in The Iliad as the leader of the Phrygians, a son of Phaenops.[1] The Bibliotheca, however, refers to him as a son of Aretaon and brother of Ascanius, another Phrygian leader.[2] Phorcys is mentioned among the Trojan allies whom Hector addresses with a speech in Book 17 of the Iliad.[3] He was killed in battle by the Greek hero Ajax.[4]

Phorcys is referenced in Pausanias' Description of Greece: the author explains that Phorcys was referred to as "shieldless" in the Iliad because he was wearing a two-piece corselet, which was thought to provide enough protection in the battle.[5]


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