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PHP Code Genie
PhpCodeGenie (logo).gif
Original author(s)Nilesh Dosooye
Developer(s)Nilesh Dosooye
Stable release
3.0.2 / October 22, 2004
Operating systemCross-platform
Available inPHP
TypeWeb application framework
LicenseGNU GPL phpCodeGenie

phpCodeGenie is a code generator for web applications. Once the user designs their database tables, phpCodeGenie generates the scripts and programs. It will build data entry forms, insert scripts, database lister scripts, edit record forms, update record scripts, delete confirmation scripts, delete scripts, search forms, search scripts and other frontend/database interaction code.

As a code generator for database-driven applications it also can be considered as a CASE tool. It generates the core CRUD code in SQL and the basic front end for PHP and Java applications. It can communicate with multiple databases such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MaxDB, Visual FoxPro, FrontBase, InterBase, Firebird, Informix, LDAP, Netezza, SAP DB, Sybase, and generate code from them.

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