Peter II, Count of Saint-Pol

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Peter II, Count of Saint-Pol
Aube, Champagne, France.
Died25 October 1482(1482-10-25) (aged 33–34)
Enghien, Hainaut, Belgium.
Noble familyHouse of Luxembourg
Spouse(s)Margaret of Savoy
Marie of Luxembourg, Countess of Vendôme
Francisca of Luxembourg, Lady of Ravenstein
FatherLouis de Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol
MotherJeanne de Bar, Countess of Marle and Soissons

Peter II (Pierre de Luxembourg; c. 1440 – 25 October 1482) was Count of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, Marle, and Soissons.

In 1478, Peter was made a knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

He was the second eldest son of Louis de Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol, and Jeanne de Bar, Countess of Marle and Soissons, daughter of Robert of Bar, Count of Marle and Soissons and Jeanne de Béthune. He married Margaret of Savoy, the eldest surviving daughter of Louis I, Duke of Savoy and Princess Anne of Cyprus, sometime after 29 January 1464. Their five children included:


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