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Pierre Schaeffer
BornPierre Henri Marie Schaeffer
(1910-08-14)August 14, 1910
Nancy, Lorraine, France
DiedAugust 19, 1995(1995-08-19) (aged 85)
Aix, Provence, France
OccupationComposer, musician, writer, engineer, professor, broadcaster, acoustician, musicologist, activist, record producer, inventor, entrepreneur, cultural critic
GenreShort story, essay/treatise, christian novel, plays, nonfiction novel, columns, journals/memoirs
SubjectMusic theory, musical criticism, musical philosophy, cultural criticism, acoustics, music technology, semiotics, communications, science
Notable worksIn Search of a Concrete Music
SpousesElisabeth Schmitt, Jacqueline de Lisle
ChildrenMarie-Claire Schaeffer, Justine Schaeffer

The bibliography of Pierre Schaeffer is a list of the fictional and nonfictional writings of the electroacoustic musician-theoretician and pioneer of musique concrète, Pierre Schaeffer.



Novels and short stories[edit]

  • Chlothar Nicole (1938)
  • The Choirboys (1949) not choir but heart (same vocal word in French)
  • The Old Man and His Movements (1964)
  • The Guardian of The Volcano (1969)
  • Excuse Me, I'm Dying and Other Fabulations (1981)
  • Prelude, Choral and Fugue (1981)
  • Faber and Sapiens (1986)


  • Tobie (1939)
  • Secular Games (1946)


  • America, We Ignore You (1946)
  • In Search of a Concrete Music (1952)
  • Towards an Experimental Music: Under the Direction of Pierre Schaeffer (1957) *
  • Treatise on Musical Objects (1966)
  • Concrete Music (1967)
  • Music and Acoustics (1967)
  • The Future Backwards (1970)
  • Machines for Communicating 1. Genesis of Simulacra (1970)
  • From Musical Experience to the Human Experience (1971)
  • The Service of Research: Structures and Orientation (1974)

* An expanded version published by Richard-Masse later in 1957, based upon the article of the same name. (See "Towards an Experimental Music" below, under heading "Articles and essays".)

Articles and essays[edit]

  • Basic Truths ("Revue Musicale"; 1938)
  • The Non-Visual Element of Films ("Revue du cinéma"; 1946)
  • Introduction to Concrete Music ("Polyphonie"; 1950)
  • To Give Ear, To Give Thought ("The Nave"; 1951)
  • The Musical Object ("Revue Musicale"; 1952)
  • The Experience of Concrete Music (1952)
  • Towards an Experimental Music ("Revue Musicale"; 1957) *
  • Musical Experiences. Music More Concrete, More Electronic, More Exotic ("Revue Musicale"; 1959)
  • Experiences in Paris, June 1959 ("Revue Musicale"; 1959)
  • New Reflections on the Communication[s] Triangle ("Les cahiers de la télévision"; 1969)
  • Machines for Communicating ("Bulletin of the French Corporation of Philosophy"; 1970)
  • Music and Computers ("Revue Musicale"; 1971)
  • The Press of Television: A Mediator ("UER"; 1971)
  • Society in the Mirror ("La jaune et la rouge"; 1971)
  • Music for the Year 2000 ("Etudes"; 1971)
  • The Communication[s] Triangle ("Notebooks of the Canadian Cultural Center"; 1971)
  • Development of Public Service Television Networks: Prospects, Symptoms and Basic Assumptions (1972)
  • Letter to the Researchers of Men ("Mail of the CNRS"; 1972)
  • Machines for Communicating, Machines for Calculating ("IBM Computers", 1972)
  • The Television in Public Services ("Communication and Languages"; 1972)
  • Sound and Communication ("Cultures"; 1973)
  • The Audiovisual: Method of Communication or Common Knowledge?
    ("Swiss-French Economics"; 1973)
  • In Search of Music Itself ("Revue Musicale Swiss"; 1975)
  • Darwin and Marconi or the End of Television ("The Imaginaries", 1976)

* An article published 1957, later that year expanded into a book of the same name. (See "Towards an Experimental Music: Under the Direction of Pierre Schaeffer" above, under heading "Non-fiction".)

Collaborative works[edit]

  • Conversations with Pierre Schaeffer (Marc Pierret; 1969)
  • Pierre Schaeffer followed by Reflections of Pierre Schaeffer (Sophie Brunet; 1969)
  • Machines for Communicating 2. Power and Communication (Sophie Brunet; 1972)
  • The Regulation of Microbic Sporulation (Jekisiel Szulmajster, J.P. Aubert; 1973)
  • The Semiotics of Representation: Theatre, Television, and Comics (1975)
  • Pierre Schaeffer: From Concrete Music to Music Itself (Sophie Brunet; 1977)
  • The Antennas of Jericho (Claude Glayman; 1978)
  • Guide to Acoustic Objects: Pierre Schaeffer and Musical Research (Michel Chion; 1983)
  • The Gentle Revolution: Musique Concrète (Linda G. Witnov; 1985)
  • A Visit to Brangues: Conversations Between Paul Claudel, Jacques Madaule and Pierre Schaeffer (Paul Claudel, Jaques Madaule; 2005)