Pistole vz. 24

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pistole vz. 24
Place of originCzechoslovakia
Service history
In service1924–?
Used by Czechoslovakia
 Nazi Germany
Slovakia Slovakia
WarsWorld War II
Production history
DesignerFrantišek Myška
ManufacturerČeská zbrojovka Strakonice, Bormische Waffenfabrik (Under German Occupation)
No. built189,000+
Mass0.67 kilograms (24 oz)
Length155 millimetres (6.1 in)
Barrel length90.5 millimetres (3.56 in)
Height125 millimetres (4.9 in)

Cartridge.380 ACP
Muzzle velocity300 metres per second (980 ft/s)
Effective firing range50 metres (55 yd)
Feed system8-round Magazine
SightsFixed front blade, drift-adjustable notch rear

The pistole vz. 24 (Pistol Model 24) was the standard Czech Army pistol of the inter-war period. It was an improved version of the pistole vz. 22, which had been licensed from Mauser. Slovakia seized over ten thousand vz. 24s when it declared its independence from Czechoslovakia in March 1939.[2] The vz. 24 was succeeded in production by a simplified version chambered in .32 ACP, the vz. 27.


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