Pompeio Arrigoni

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His Eminence

Pompeio Arrigoni
Cardinal-Priest of Santa Balbina
Archbishop of Benevento
ChurchCatholic Church
Consecration24 Feb 1607
by Pope Paul V
Personal details
Rome, Italy
Died4 Apr 1616 (age 64)

Pompeio Arrigoni or Pompeo Arrigoni (1552–1616) was a Roman Catholic cardinal.


On 24 Feb 1607, he was consecrated bishop Pope Paul V, with Ludovico de Torres, Archbishop of Monreale, with Marcello Lante della Rovere, Bishop of Todi, serving as co-consecrators.[1]

While bishop, he was the principal consecrator of Bartolomeo Giorgi, Bishop of Pesaro (1609); and Pietro Federici, Bishop of Vulturara e Montecorvino (1609).[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Antonmaria Salviati
Cardinal-Deacon of Santa Maria in Aquiro
Succeeded by
Lorenzo Magalotti
Preceded by
Gaspar de Quiroga y Vela
Cardinal-Priest of Santa Balbina
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Antonio Zapata y Cisneros
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Massimiliano Palumbara
Archbishop of Benevento
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