Popular Action Bloc

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Popular Action Bloc

كتلة العمل الشعبي
LeaderAhmed Al-Sadoun
HeadquartersKuwait City
Political positionCentre-right
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The Popular Action Bloc (Arabic: كتلة العمل الشعبي) is a political bloc in Kuwait headed by veteran former Speaker Ahmed Al-Sadoun. The group focuses on populist issues like housing, salary raises, and reform. The party's leader is Ahmed Al-Sadoun.

Expulsion of Shiite MPs[edit]

On 19 February 2008, the Popular Action Bloc expelled Shiite MPs Ahmed Lari and Adnan Zahid Abdulsamad for taking part in a ceremony eulogizing Hezbollah's slain top commander, Imad Mughniyah. The ceremony's description of the fugitive Lebanese militant – killed in a 12 February car bombing in Syria – as a hero sparked public outrage in a country that holds him responsible for hijacking a Kuwait Airways flight and killing two of its Kuwaiti passengers 20 years ago. The two lawmakers were only expelled from their bloc and remained in the legislature. After the expulsions of the two, the seven member bloc was down to five members.[1]

Electoral history[edit]

National Assembly elections[edit]

National Assembly
Election Party leader Seats +/–
1999 Ahmed Al-Sadoun
10 / 50
2003 Ahmed Al-Sadoun
5 / 50
Decrease 5
2006 Ahmed Al-Sadoun
9 / 50
Increase 4
2008 Ahmed Al-Sadoun
9 / 50
Steady 0
2009 Ahmed Al-Sadoun
2 / 50
Decrease 7
2012 (Feb) Ahmed Al-Sadoun
11 / 50
Increase 9


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