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WikiProject Football is the main project devoted to the creation, maintenance and improvement of Association football articles. Created on June 5, 2005, the project boasted over 300 active members in December 2010. During its existence, participants have brought more than 80 articles and lists to Featured status and support more than 25,000 individual Wikipedia entries (see WikiProject Football Milestones for more statistics).

Owing to the popularity of the sport and the amount of articles created about it on Wikipedia, child projects and task-forces of WikiProject Football were created to focus more narrowly on certain aspects of the game. The English non-league football task force is one of its most successful child projects.

The main project has created an assessment department, manuals of style for articles and acts as the main collaboration point for all Association football topics. Sub-projects and task-forces use these as a central point of information exchange whilst focusing on their narrower fields of interest.

Anyone can participate in writing, editing or discussing articles and anyone can join the family of projects if they are interested.

WikiProject Football

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