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Computing is any activity that uses computers. It includes developing hardware and software, and using computers to manage and process information, communicate and entertain. Computing is a critically important, integral component of modern industrial technology. Major computing disciplines include computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, information systems, and information technology.

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18 March 2019 – Christchurch mosque shootings, Internet censorship in Australia
Telstra blocks access to several websites in Australia for hosting footage of the recent mass shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, which were livestreamed on Facebook, including LiveLeak, 4chan, 8chan, Voat and the blog Zero Hedge. Optus and Vodafone took similar actions but did not list which sites had been blocked. (9news)
13 March 2019 –
A team of physicists at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, assisted by colleagues in Switzerland and the United States, successfully returns the state of a quantum computer a fraction of a second into the past. (Phys.org) (The Independent)
12 March 2019 – 2019 Boeing 737 MAX groundings
The European Union, Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey ground all Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets. This means 40% of the global fleet is now grounded, with Indonesia, China and several airlines grounding their aircraft yesterday. Boeing states they will issue a software update for the model within weeks. (The Guardian) (BNO) (AFP)
10 March 2019 – Internet censorship in Russia
Thousands of Russians take to the streets in Moscow, Voronezh, and Khabarovsk to protest internet restrictions. (Reuters)
4 March 2019 –
The World Wide Web Consortium announces that WebAuthn, a standard for password-free logins on the web, is now an official web standard. (VentureBeat)
17 February 2019 –
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces the country's major political parties computer networks had been hacked by a "sophisticated state actor." (BBC)


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