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Elbe-Elster Land is a landscape and region around the tripoint of the German states of Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. At its heart is the area between the rivers of the Elbe and the Black Elster up to their confluence, a region which gives the land its name.

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Geography and Nature


Würdenhain 2008 4-1.jpg Mündung Kleine Elster.JPG Loben6.JPG Grube Gotthold Hohenleipisch 2013 1be ausschnitt.jpg

Towns and Villages


Herzberg (Elster)

→ See also: List of places in Elbe-Elster, List of places in Oberspreewald-Lausitz

Education, Culture, Museums and Sport


Marionettentheatersammlung Bad LiebenwerdaF60 P1020217.jpg80pxRallye Monte Lugau 2001.png

Tourism and Attractions


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Economy and Infrastructure




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Image of the Month


Rosmaringasse 4 (Bad Liebenwerda)
Rosmaringasse 4, Bad Liebenwerda

Did you know that...?


Gotthold Hohenleipisch Pit
Förderbruecke F60
  • ...that the coal seam of the Gotthold Pit was destroyed in 1947 by a forest fire?
  • ...the fifth and last F60 to be built is accessible to the public?

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The Black Elster in Elsterwerda.

The Black Elster is a river, 179 kilometres long, and a right-hand tributary of the Elbe flowing through the German states of Saxony, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. The Black Elster rises in the Lusatian Highlands and empties into the Elbe at Elster (Elbe). Field Marshal Blücher crossed the Elbe River near its confluence with the Black Elster on 3 Oct 1813 on his march to Leipzig. <More...

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