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The Isle of Man (Manx: Ellan Vannin) or Mann (Manx: Mannin), is an island located in the Irish Sea at the geographical centre of the British Isles. Although it is not part of the United Kingdom, it is a Crown dependency. The head of State, the Lord of Man, is currently Queen Elizabeth II

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Haraldr Guðrøðarson was a mid-13th century King of the Isles who ruled an island-kingdom which encompassed the Isle of Mann (Mann) and portions of the Hebrides. He was the son of Guðrøðr Rögnvaldsson, King of the Isles, who was the son of Rögnvaldr Guðrøðarson, King of the Isles. Haraldr and his predecessors were members of the Crovan dynasty.

In 1249, Rögnvaldr Óláfsson was slain by a knight who appears to have been an accomplice of Haraldr, who took control of the island-kingdom and replaced the chieftains of the old regime with followers of his own choosing. He was initially recognised as the legitimate ruler of the kingdom by Henry III, King of England, but was summoned to Norway by Hákon Hákonarson, King of Norway in 1250, for his seizure of the kingdom. Upon his removal from Mann, Haraldr is not heard from again.

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Bay View Road in Purt le Moirrey

Port St Mary (Manx: Purt le Moirrey) is a coastal village in the south of the Isle of Man.

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April 2013
  • April 10th – The 2013 Isle of Man TT Races is officially launched with the top Isle of Man TT solo and sidecar competitors appearing at a Fan Party held in the Villa Marina, Douglas, Isle of Man
  • April 3rd – The Isle of Man branch of the Unite Union postpone a fourth industrial strike over pay and conditions with the Isle of Man Department of Culture and Leisure. The industrial action was due to consist of two bus strikes from 7:30 am to 9:30 am and from 3 pm to 5 pm on Wednesday 3rd April 2013. The Unite Union is to sue the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure on behalf of its union members claiming unfair dismissal and the unlawful deduction of wages.


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