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Map of Jhelum City

Jhelum /ˈləm/ (Urdu: جِہلم‎, Punjabi: جہلم) is a city on the right bank of the Jhelum River, in the district of the same name in the north of Punjab province, Pakistan. Jhelum is known for providing a large number of soldiers to the British Army before independence, and later to the Pakistan armed forces - due to which it is also known as City of Soldiers or Land of Martyrs and Warriors.

Jhelum is a few miles upstream from the site of the ancient Battle of the Hydaspes between the armies of Alexander and King Porus. A city called Bucephala was founded nearby to commemorate the death of Alexander's horse, Bucephalus. Other notable sites nearby include the 16th-century Rohtas Fort, the Tilla Jogian complex of ancient temples, and the 16th-century Grand Trunk Road which passes through the city. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the population of Jhelum was 145,647 and in 2012 its population is 188,803. The name of the city is derived from the words Jal (pure water) and Ham (snow), as the water that flows through the river originates in the Himalayas. There are a number of industries in and around Jhelum city, including a tobacco factory, wood, marble, glass and flour mills.

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The Mangla Dam is located on the Jhelum River about 30 km from Jhelum City, it is the twelfth largest dam in the world. It was constructed in 1967 across the Jhelum River. The main structures of the dam include 4 embankment dams, 2 spillways, 5 power-cum-irrigation tunnels and a 1,000 MW power station.The main dam is 10,300 feet (3140 m) long and 454 feet (138 m) high (above core trench) with a reservoir of 97.7 square miles (253 km²). Since its first impounding in 1967, sedimentation has occurred to the extent of 1,130,000 acre feet (1.39 km3), and the present gross storage capacity has declined to 4,750,000 acre feet (5.86 km3) from the actual design of 5,880,000 acre feet (7.25 km3). The live capacity has declined to 4,580,000 acre feet (5.65 km3) from 5,340,000 acre feet (6.59 km3). This implies a reduction of 19.22% in the capacity of the dam. The power station of mangla dam consists of 10 units each having capacity of 100 MW. (More...)

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6 May 2018 –
Pakistani Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal is shot at following a rally in Narowal, Punjab. A bullet pierces his right shoulder. He is in stable condition now and the gunman has since been arrested, according to Government Officials. (The New York Times) (The Nation)



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Jhelum Cricket Stadium Panorama

Zamir Jaffri Cricket Stadium is a Cricket Stadium of Jhelum. It is named after a famous jhelumi poet Syed Zamir Jafri.It was a local district level stadium, but now Pakistan Cricket Board has upraised it for regional level events.

Photo credit: Talha

Administrative divisions of Jhelum

  1. Jhelum
  2. Dina
  3. Sohawa
  4. Pind Dadan Khan

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