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New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. The state ranks 46th of the 50 states in land area and 41st in population. It was one of the Thirteen Colonies and became the ninth state admitted to the Union. New Hampshire was also the first U.S. state to have its own constitution. As of 2005, New Hampshire has an estimated population of 1,309,940, an increase of 6.0% since 2000.

The state license plates boast the famous state motto: "Live free or die." One state nickname is "The Granite State", in reference both to its geology and to its tradition of self-sufficiency. The state is also internationally famous for the New Hampshire primary, the first primary. New Hampshire has historically been dominated by the Republican Party, and is still considered to be the most conservative state in the Northeast; but in national elections it has become a swing state.

The state has no sales tax, no personal income tax and advocates a frugal budget, thereby attracting commuters, light industry, specialty horticulture, retail customers and service firms from other jurisdictions with higher tax policies, notably from neighboring states. New Hampshire has some of the nation's highest property taxes, but ranks one of the lowest states in combined average state and local tax burden.

New Hampshire's recreational attractions include skiing and other winter sports; observing the spectacular fall foliage; summer cottages along many lakes; and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, home of the Loudon Classic, the longest-running motorcycle race in the United States.

New Hampshire was home to the famous rock formation called the Old Man of the Mountain, a face-like profile in Franconia Notch, until May 2003, when the state icon fell apart. The White Mountains range in New Hampshire spans the north-central portion of the state, with Mount Washington being the tallest in the northeastern U.S., and other mountains like Mount Madison and Mount Adams surrounding it.

Selected biography


Daniel Webster (January 18, 1782 – October 24, 1852), was a leading American statesman during the nation's antebellum era. He first rose to regional prominence through his defense of New England shipping interests. His increasingly nationalistic views and the effectiveness with which he articulated them led Webster to become one of the most famous orators and influential Whig leaders of the Second Party System.

Daniel Webster was an attorney, and served as legal counsel in several cases that established important constitutional precedents that bolstered the authority of the Federal government. As Secretary of State, he negotiated the Webster-Ashburton Treaty that established the definitive eastern border between the United States and Canada. Primarily recognized for his Senate tenure, Webster was a key figure in the institution's "Golden Age." So well-known was his skill as a Senator throughout this period that Webster became a third and northern counterpart of what was and still is known today as the "Great Triumvirate," with his colleagues Henry Clay from the west and John C. Calhoun from the south. His "Reply to Hayne" in 1830 was generally regarded as "the most eloquent speech ever delivered in Congress."

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State facts

  • Population 1,330,608 (2015 est)
  • Admission to the Union: June 21, 1788 (9th)

State symbols:

State emblems and symbols

  • Motto: Live Free or Die, written by Revolutionary General John Stark.
  • State Seal: Seal of New Hampshire.svg - In the center is a broadside view of the frigate USS Raleigh, in the left foreground is a granite boulder, and in the background a rising sun. A laurel wreath and the words "Seal of the State of New Hampshire " on the border with "1776" at the bottom surrounded by a five-pointed star.
  • Flag: Flag of New Hampshire.svg - the state seal centered on a blue field surrounded by laurel leaves with nine stars.
  • State Emblem: Image:NHemblem.jpg - a replica of the Old Man of the Mountain surrounded with the name of the state above and the motto below.
  • Tartan: NewHampshireStateTartan.jpg - green 56, black 2, green 2, black 12, white 2, black 12, purple 2, black 2, purple 8, red 6, purple 28

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New Hampshire Motor Speedway (originally named New Hampshire International Speedway) is a 1.058 mile (1703 m) oval track which has hosted NASCAR racing since the 1990s. It is commonly referred to by its location, Loudon.

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New Hampshire news

  • January 8, 2008 – New Hampshire Hosts First US Presidential Primary for the 2008 election.
  • January 24, 2008 – Re-count of GOP ballots begins.


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