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Road network of Pakistan
Road network of Pakistan

Roads in Pakistan (Urdu: پاکستان میں سڑکیں‎) can be classified as federal, provincial and municipal roads.

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Pakistan M-2.svg

M–2 Motorway
Route information
Part of
Maintained by National Highway Authority
Length375 km (233 mi)
Major junctions
North endKashmir Highway InterchangeRawalpindi
South endThokar Niaz Beg, Lahore
Major citiesChakwal
Kallar Kahar
Pindi Bhattian
Highway system
Roads in Pakistan

The M-2 motorway (Urdu: موٹروے 2‎) is a north–south motorway in Pakistan, connecting Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Lahore. The motorway is 375 km long and located entirely in Punjab. It passes through, Faizpur Pur, Kot Abdul Malik, Kala Shah Kaku, Sheikhupura, Khanqah Dogran, Kot Sarwar, Pindi Bhattian, Salem, Lilla, Kot Momin, Kallar Kahar, Balksar, Nila Dulha and Chakri before ending just outside the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It was the first motorway built in South Asia. At Junction of M2 and M1 there is an interchange which on one side connect Islamabad/Rawalpindi through an expressway of 8 km long, and the new Islamabad international airport through the other side of junction. It then continues on to eventually become the M1 motorway linking the twin cities with Peshawar. The M-2 crosses the junction of the M4 (to Faisalabad) at Pindi Bhattian. It is part of Pakistan's Motorway Network. The motorway is also a part of the Asian Highway AH1.(More...)

Selected National Highway

Pakistan N-5.svg

National Highway N–5
قومی شاہراہ 5
Route information
Part of ,
Length1,819 km (1,130 mi)
Major junctions
South endKarachi
 Pakistan N-110.svg N-110 Gharo Interchange
Pakistan N-55.svg N-55 Kotri Interchange
Pakistan N-305.svg N-305 Sakrand Interchange
Pakistan N-115.svg Tarind Interchange
Pakistan M-4.svg M-4 Shah Shams Tabrez Interchange
Pakistan N-70.svg Bahawalpur Bypass Interchange
Lahore Ring Road Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange
Lahore Ring Road Niazi Biag Interchange
Pakistan N-60.svg N-60 Shahdara Interchange
Lahore Bypass
Islamabad Expressway T-Chowk Interchange
Kashmir Highway Motorway Interchange
Pakistan N-125.svg N-125 Taxila Interchange
Pakistan N-35.svg N-35 Hasan Abdal InterchangePakistan N-60.svg N-45 Nowshera Interchange
M-1-N-5 Link Road Interchange
Peshawar Ring Road Eastern Interchange
Peshawar Ring Road Western Interchange
North endTorkham
Highway system
Roads in Pakistan

The N-5 or National Highway 5 (Urdu: قومی شاہراہ 5) is a 1819 km national highway in Pakistan, which extends from Karachi in Sindh province to Torkham in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The N-5 is the longest national highway in Pakistan and serves as an important north–south road artery, extending through Hyderabad, Moro and Khairpur in Sindh before crossing into Punjab province where it passes through Multan, Sahiwal, Lahore, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Jhelum and Rawalpindi. At Rawalpindi, it turns eastwards and passes through Attock Khurd before crossing the Indus River into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to continue through Nowshera and Peshawar before entering the Khyber Pass and reaching the border town of Torkham in the FATA. Its total length is divided into 1021 km in Punjab, 671 km in Sindh, 127 km in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the remaining 38 km in the FATA. It is managed by the National Highway Authority.(More...)

Selected photo

Did you know

  • ...that the Karakoram Highway has been classified as World's highest paved international road that serves as a terrestrial link for the trade between Pakistan and China. The road has an overall height of 4,693 meters (15,397 ft) above the sea level, Many lost their lives during the process of its construction. No doubt it is rightly referred to by many as the Eight Wonder of the World.
  • ...that the M2 motorway is a 375 km long, which is located entirely in Punjab was the first motorway built in South Asia.

Selected expressway

E–75 Expressway
Murree Expressway
مری بزرگراه
Route information
Maintained by National Highway Authority
Length90 km (60 mi)
Major junctions
South endIslamabad (N75)
North endKohala (S2)
Major citiesMurree
Highway system
Roads in Pakistan

The E75 Expressway or Murree Expressway (Urdu, Pahari: مری بزرگراه) (also known as the Islamabad-Murree-Muzaffarabad Expressway) is a partially operational controlled-access expressway linking Islamabad to Murree in Punjab province. The second section between Murree and Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir is currently under construction.(More...)



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