Postage stamps and postal history of New Brunswick

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One of the first stamps of New Brunswick from 1851.

This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of New Brunswick.

First stamps[edit]

A total of eleven stamps were issued by New Brunswick.[1] The first stamps of New Brunswick were issued in 1851.[2] This set of three diamond-shaped issues continued until 1860 when the next and final issue was released.

New Brunswick's 1860 issue featured several notable stamps, including this one cent train - the first train ever depicted in a postage stamp

Commissioned by the postmaster of New Brunswick Charles Connell, the colony's second issue is notable in several ways. First, it is believed to include the first train ever shown on a postage stamp (relating to the European and North American Railway, of which Mr. Connell was a director), and second because it contained the first commemorative stamp, a 17 cent stamp featuring an image of a youthful Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) wearing highland dress, issued because the Prince of Wales was scheduled to visit the colony in 1860. The most notable aspect of the issue, however, was the fact that the postmaster chose to include his own image on the five cent issue. This caused such a political uproar in the colony that Connell resigned, but not after destroying most of the stamps.[3] The five cent stamp was replaced by one featuring the reigning monarch, Victoria.

The Chalon head which replaced the initial five cent issue featuring the postmaster's portrait

New Brunswick stamps were superseded by those of the Canada when the colony became part of the Dominion on July 1, 1867.

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