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Prince Anwar Shah Road is a street in South Kolkata. It is named after Prince Gulam Mohammed Anwar Ali Shah, one of Tipu Sultan's 12 sons.


South City Mall at night

In the aftermath of the death of Tipu Sultan, during the battle of Mysore, the then British rulers threw all twelve sons of Tipu into prison at Vellore. Suspecting that they had powered an abortive rebellion in Vellore jail they were moved to another prison in Calcutta in 1807.

The road starts from the Gariahat Road where the Jadavpur Police Station is and connects to Tollygunge on the west, it then runs to the left of south Kolkata neighbourhood Jodhpur Park before running through Lake Gardens and finally reaching Tollygunge. The South City Mall on Prince Anwar Shah Road, Calcutta’s first "destination mall", opened its shop floor in early July 2007.

The South City mini-township is located on a 31.14-acre (126,000 m2) site on Prince Anwar Shah Road in the heart of South Kolkata, just opposite Jodhpur Park. It is minutes away from top city clubs like RCGC and Tollygunge Club, hospitals such as AMRI and EEDF and a stone’s throw from the Metro stations at Tollygunge and Rabindra Sarobar and the connector to EM Bypass and Lake Gardens flyover.

Prince Anwar Shah Road connector to the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata.

The much-awaited Prince Anwar Shah Road connector to the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass was opened to the public on 1 March 2007.

The two-lane road will be a shorter alternative to the Rashbehari Avenue connector for motorists approaching the Bypass from the southern part of the city. This certainly has improved access to the EM Bypass for the residents of Shahidnagar, Bibeknagar, Selimpur etc. Officials of the CMDA claim that it takes less than six minutes to reach the Bypass from the crossing of Prince Anwar Shah Road and Raja SC Mullick Road, which is a continuation of Gariahat Road.


Merlin Residency & Fort Royal

Starting from Tollygunge and moving towards Jadavpur PS Crossing, the following landmarks are visible on Prince Anwar Shah Road

  • South City Mini Township and Mall
  • City High Apartments
  • Sriram Balaji Mandir
  • Navina Cinema Hall
  • Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College
  • Merlin Oxford & Merlin Cambridge Towers
  • SIRPA Complex
  • EEDF Hospital
  • MECON Tower
  • Jadavpur Police Station

From Jadavpur PS Crossing, on Gariahat Road (S), till the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass is


South City Mall inside view

South City Mall

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