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Principal Staff Officer of Armed Forces Division
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Md Mahfuzur Rahman (43886460054) (cropped).jpg
Md Mahfuzur Rahman

since 01 February, 2016
Bangladesh Armed Forces
Reports toPrime Minister of Bangladesh
AppointerPrime Minister of Bangladesh
Term lengthNo fixed term as known.
FormationDecember 1978

The Principal Staff Officer, abbreviated as PSO, is the head of the Armed Forces Division in Bangladesh. It is currently held by a three-star rank lieutenant general. The current PSO Lt. General Md Mahfuzur Rahman was appointed in February 2016.[1][2]

Role & Functions[edit]

The Principal Staff Officer is the head of Armed Forces Division, which is part of the Prime Minister's Office. He is assisted by a PS (acting PSO) & five departmental heads each one star rank military officer from Bangladesh Armed Forces.[3]

Under the direct supervision and guidance of the Prime Minister he has the authority, direction, and control over all operational and administrative services. He also, as per government notification, performs the duties of a full-fledged Secretary with full administrative and financial authority as that of a Secretary in any other Division / Ministry.[4]


The following table chronicles the appointees to the office of Principal Staff Officer or its preceding positions since the formation of the division.[5][6][7][8]

Principal Staff Officer Took office Left office Time in office
Shubid Ali Bhuiyan
Bhuiyan, ShubidMajor general
Shubid Ali Bhuiyan
199119964–5 years
A. I. M. Mostofa Reza Nur PSC
Nur, A.I.M.Major general
A. I. M. Mostofa Reza Nur PSC
200420061–2 years
Jahangir Alam Chowdhury Ndc, PSC
Chowdhury, JahangirMajor general
Jahangir Alam Chowdhury Ndc, PSC
(born 1953)
2006June 20070–1 years
Masud Uddin Chowdhury NDU, PSC
Chowdhury, MasudLieutenant general
Masud Uddin Chowdhury NDU, PSC
June 20072 June 20081 year
Md Abdul Mubeen Ndc, psc
Mubeen, MdLieutenant general
Md Abdul Mubeen Ndc, psc
(born 1955)
4 June 200812 June 20091 year, 8 days
Abdul Wadud Ndc, psc
Wadud, AbdulLieutenant general
Abdul Wadud Ndc, psc
13 June 20091 January 20133 years, 203 days
Shafiul Huq Ndc, psc
Huq, ShafiulLieutenant general
Shafiul Huq Ndc, psc
(born 1958)
1 January 201324 June 20152 years, 174 days
Moinul Islam Afwc, psc
Islam, MoinulLieutenant general
Moinul Islam Afwc, psc
1 July 201531 January 2016214 days
Md Mahfuzur Rahman rcds, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD
Rahman, MdLieutenant general
Md Mahfuzur Rahman rcds, ndc, afwc, psc, PhD
(born 1961)
1 February 2016Incumbent3 years, 138 days


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