Priory Park Sports Ground

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Priory Park Sports Ground
LocationPriory Bridge Road, Taunton, Somerset
Coordinates51°01′13″N 3°05′48″W / 51.02028°N 3.09667°W / 51.02028; -3.09667

Priory Park Sports Ground was a rugby union, football and greyhound racing stadium located on the north side of Priory Bridge Road and the south bank of the River Tone in Taunton, Somerset.[1]


The stadium was originally a football stadium and was used by Taunton United F.C. in c.1925. Somerset Police F.C and Taunton Town F.C both used the ground during the 1930s.[2]


The stadium was the home of Taunton R.F.C from 1935-2001.[3]

Greyhound racing[edit]

Greyhound racing events were held in the early 1930s before becoming a weekly event from Boxing Day 1947 until 5 December 1950.[4] The racing was independent (not affiliated to the sports governing body the National Greyhound Racing Club) and race distances consisted of 485 and 650 yards.[5]

This greyhound racing venue should not be confused with the Priory Greyhound Stadium which was the name for the greyhound operation held at the nearby County Ground, Taunton.[6]

Other Uses[edit]

Taunton Athletic Club also held fixtures at the ground.


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